1. In which country was forensic entomology first used?

a. Canada

b. China

c. Greenland

d. England


1. Which is NOT a characteristic of Caesar’s speeches mentioned in the passage?

a. They were exciting.

b. They were humorous.

c. He used hand gestures.

d. He spoke in a high-pitched voice. 


1. Which language is NOT mentioned in the passage as being available for study online?

a. English

b. Spanish

c. French

d. Tagalog


2. Why did the village farmers not know who the killer was immediately?

a. He had washed off his knife.

b. He was hiding in a greenhouse.

c. He was too smart.

d. He lived in a different village.


2. How old was Caesar when he started his career in politics?

a. 15                b. 20                c. 25                d. 50


2. How many students participated in the online course offered by Harvard?

a. 360            b. 3600            c. 36,000            d. 360,000


3. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as something that scientists can use to solve a murder?

a. The type of fly eggs on a dead body

b. The age of fly eggs on a dead body

c. The contents of a fly’s stomach

d. The sounds a fly makes


3. Where was Caesar going when he was kidnapped?

a. To Rhodes

b. To Rome

c. To the pirate stronghold

d. To a bank


3. What example of practical information online is given in the reading?

a. How to change a tire

b. How to cook an egg

c. How to teach a language

d. How to make pajamas


4. Where were the flies found that helped solve the 1996 murder?

a. On a light bulb

b. In a greenhouse

c. In the stomach of the dead body

d. In the mouth and nose of the dead body


4. Who told Caesar that he could not kill the pirates?

a. The government

b. His wife

c. His friend, Brutus

d. His teacher on Rhodes


4. Which benefit of online study is NOT mentioned in the passage?

a. Convenience

b. Personalization

c. Low cost

d. Famous professors


5. Why are flies attracted to dead bodies?

a. They want to lay their eggs on them.

b. They want to get pollen from them.

c. They want to help solve murders.

d. They are curious about them.


5. What is NOT true about Caesar?

a. He was very proud.

b. He did not like being told no.

c. He was always honest.

d. He was a harsh and cruel leader.


5. Which type of student might most benefit from the convenience of online study?

a. A student who doesn’t like children

b. A student who doesn’t have any children

c. A student who has young children

d. A student who has grown children

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