Science / SS

Round 155 to the nearest 10 and 100

Ten: 160

Hundred: 200


Name 2 tools we use to measure weather.

Thermometer, wind vane, rain gauge...


Punctuate the sentence properly.

laura walked into chick-fil-a with a big smile

Laura walked into Chick-fil-a with a big smile.


Name 3 transition words.

Then, Later, Next, Last, Finally, Afterwards...


What is the difference between a similie and metaphor?

A similie compares 2 unlike things with like/as

A metaphor says 2 unlike things ARE each other.


Vera filled her bathtub with water. She wants to measure how much water the tub can old. What unit of measurement should she use? 

Liters / Gallons


What are the 3 branches of government?





How do we know if something is a fruit?

It has seeds inside. It grows from a flower. 


Correctly punctuate this dialogue:

I can't go to the store today grumbled Berkley

"I can't go to the store today," grumbled Berkley.


What is a fable?

A made-up story that teaches a lesson. Usually with animals. 


Henry built a square garden for his rabbits. The garden has an area of 24 and a perimeter of 24. Is this possible? How?

Yes. The sides are all 6. 


In the summer the length of day is ____ because the Earth is leaning _______ the Sun. 

longer, toward


Describe the water cycle using the 3 words "evaporation, precipitation, condensation"

Water evaporates from the ground/ocean, forms into the clouds through condensation and then falls as precipitation back to the Earth.

A good lead can capture the reader's attention by starting with what?

A sound, dialogue, action, creative setting


Where/what is the figurative language?

The mountains announced to that summer was ending in hues of orange and red. 

Announced (personification)


You have 10 marbles. Your friend gives you 2 more. You share 1/3 of them with Connor. How many marbles does Connor have?

4 marbles


Tax money is collected by the _______ to help pay for things like ______.

Government. Roads, schools, safety, firefighters, police...


When talking about bullying happening, what is a bystander and why is that a problem?

Someone who is just standing by and watching. They're allowing bullying to happen and basically helping the bully. They are at fault too.


A paragraph is like a hamburger because...

It has a top bun, bottom bun and all the good stuff. It has a topic sentence, at least 3 details in between and a wrap-up sentence. 


When you come across an unknown word, what can you do to figure it out? Give 3 examples.

Reread, read surrounding sentences/words, look for clues, check for prefixes or suffixes, look for similar or opposite meaning words. 


John has a shape that has 4 sides. He says 2 sides are acute and 2 are obtuse. There is 1 set of parallel sides. What shape does he have?

A trapezoid.  


Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered for...

"I Have a Dream" speech, abolitionist, activist, inspiring pastor and leader against slavery and violent protest.


Vanessa is trying to multiply 77 X 41. She got the answer 3,157 and wants to know if it's right. Paul says she can just divide 3,157 by 77 to check if it equals 41. Is he correct?

Yes, this is a big fact family. Multiplication and Division are opposite.


How can you "show don't tell" this information:

Darla likes cats, but doesn't want anyone to know.

She secretly looks at cat pictures, she sees a cat and looks both ways before going to pet it, she ignores cats when others are around.


What clue can you use to figure out the word grotesque?

Kara thought the smooshed bug on Dennis' shoe was grotesque. She couldn't stand to look at it.

She couldn't stand to look at it. Smooshed bug.

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