I Believe
To Tell The Truth
Let's take a walk
Do the right thing

This is the main antagonist of Faith. 

What is Fear?


The belt of truth strengthens us in this area and provides spiritual stability.

What is the core?


Who is behind peacelessness in our lives?

Who is the enemy, the devil, Satan?


This piece of the armor connects to the belt which helps to bear its weight.

what is The Breastplate?


What the brain is to the body, this is to the soul.

What is the mind?


Faith is when you act like God is doing this. 

What is telling you the truth?


Know that the truth shall ______ _______ ____

What is set you/us free?


This is an inner tranquility and calmness of the soul.

What is God's peace?


We have a resident in us once we are saved, Who allows us to do what we cannot do on our own and works righteousness from the inside out. 

II Thessalonians 2:13

Who is the Holy Spirit?


Salvation is about your identity. It is who you are in _____.

Who is Christ?


This kind of faith is a shield.

What is Active Faith?


Psalm 119:160   ______ Word is  _________

What is Thy / God's   - Truth


We must remember that our enemy is invisible but not _____.

What is fictional?


Our heart is the centerpiece of this. 

What is our soul?


We are working out this when we wear the helmet of salvation.

What is our salvation?


James chapter 2 lets us know that faith without this is dead. 

What is works?


Signs of a weak core: poor posture, ____ ____, and ___ fatigue.

 What are injury prone, Body?


According to Philippians 4: 6-7 benefits of peace include what if we are anxious for nothing, but give God all of our requests through prayer, supplication, with thanksgiving. 

The peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.


Wearing this piece of armor is aligning ourselves to God's expectations.

What is the Breastplate of righteousness?


This is the only OFFENSIVE weapon in our armor.

What is the sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God)?

***Don't let the enemy sneak up on you. Be on the look out!***


This is the Greek word for "faith". 

What is pistis?


This was the 1st piece of armor the soldiers put on when getting ready for battle. 

What is the belt?


God's peace gives us a firm g_ _ p, st _ bil _ _ _, allows us to keep our fo_ t _ ng.

what is grip, stability, footing?


The soul is primary target of the enemy. The four parts of the soul (mind, will, emotions, conscience).

Match with parts of the soul with these words: moral compass; ambition; feelings; thoughts.

What is

Minds > thoughts

Will > ambition

Emotions > feelings

Conscience > moral compass


In the original Scripture three words are translated as 'Word of God'.

Graphe, Logos, Rhema.  Match these words correctly with 1. the spoken Word of God to you in your life 2. literally the Book  3. the message (you understand what it says in the Book 

Graphe - Book

Logos - message of the Book (when you understand what it says in the Book)

Rhema - the spoken Word of God to you in your life; the utterance of God

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