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It was 8:30 on a Thursday night. Emily stared at the large poster board on her bed.  Then she looked at the stack of books about Abraham Lincoln on her desk.  Emily began to cry.  

Why do you think Emily was upset? 

She waited to do her project until the night before.  


Manuel looked down at the receipt. He realized that the clerk had not charged him for both bottles of water. Instead, she had only asked him to pay for one water.

It would be so easy to get in the car and ignore the mistake. After all, she messed up, not him. It would be a hassle to go all the way back in there and wait in line just to give her a few quarters. Manuel worried about the problem, but he knew that he had no choice. His conscience would not let him leave. That would be stealing. He took a deep breath and walked back into the store.

Do the right thing even when no one is looking

Honesty is the best policy 


Tomatoes are a great addition to your garden. They come in many types, from tiny tomatoes the size of marbles to huge ones the size of grapefruits. They also come in different colors, from the usual red to green, purple, yellow, orange, and even striped! Tomato plants need some care to grow, but even a new gardener can grow a crop.

Tomatoes are a good addition to a vegetable garden


My pet rabbit is a herbivore, it doesn't eat meat. 

Doesn't eat meat 


She's happy as a clam.



"Ouch!"  Lucy had fallen again! She shivered and picked herself up again.  She shivered and picked herself back up.  Then she spotted her sister, Sarah gliding backwards.  She was so graceful.  Sarah made everything look so easy.  

What is Lucy doing? 

Ice Skating 


Stan was a great student. He was always the first to raise his hand, and he always knew the answers. School was easy for him. His best friend, Oliver, had to work in school. One day, the teacher announced that there would be a big end-of-year science test on everything they had learned.

“When do you want to study?” Oliver asked. “I’m not studying. I know it all.” said Stan. Oliver was puzzled. This test was important.

Even though he was disappointed, Oliver went home and studied by himself every night for the next week. On test day, he tried his best.

When the tests were corrected and handed back, Oliver was thrilled to see how well he did. When he saw Stan’s face, he knew that Stan had not done as well. Stan did not study and he had failed the test.

Work hard for what you want

Laziness will get you nowhere


Many forest fires are started by lightning strikes or other natural causes. However, most forest fires are started by humans being careless. People toss cigarettes or leave a few embers burning in a fire pit. All it takes is a few leaves to catch fire without someone noticing. This is why Smokey says: Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

Most forest fires are caused by human carelessness.


Sam felt elated when he found out he was going to Disney world.  

Excited, ecstatic 


The sea lashed out in anger at the ship.



"Cheer up - you'll do better next time." said Toni's mom.  "You don't understand," said Toni. Toni was feeling pretty embarrassed. Toni's mom replied. "Don't worry - I'll practice with you.  You'll know your lines perfectly for next week." 

What can you infer Toni is upset about?

Toni forgot his lines for the play.


There once was a king who loved gold. Inside his palace, he collected all sorts of solid gold ornaments. Each day, he would sit looking at his gold and wish he had more.

“One cannot have too much gold,” he thought.

A voice came from nowhere. It said, “I have decided to grant your heart’s desire. From this moment on, everything you touch will turn to gold.”

The king was so thrilled that he demanded a feast to celebrate his gift. When he reached to take his first bite of food, he realized that all of his food turned to gold as soon as he touched it. Within days, he was starving because he could not eat gold.

Be careful what you wish for


In the summer, people spend energy cooling their homes, while in the winter, people spend energy heating them. Some scientists say that changing the color of roofs from black to white would save energy. In the summer, the white roof reflects heat and keeps the house cool. In the winter, the white roof allows snow to stay and insulate the house.

There might be some advantages to having white roofs instead of black ones.


The meal given to me on the airplane looked quite meager.  It didn't look like it would fill me up.  



I've told you a million times to do your homework!



As soon as Kiley saw the menu, she knew exactly what she wanted to drink.  When her steaming cup came, she tasted a spoonful of the whipped cream from the top before taking a small sip of her yummy, sweet drink.  

What do you think is in Kiley's cup?

Hot chocolate 


“Guilty!” yelled the judge.

Cindy looked around her. Everyone thought she was the one who had stolen the money from the bank. All she had done was pick up the bag the robber dropped on his way out the door. She did not even known what was in it. It was true that she had been running with the bag, but had just been trying to give it back to the man who had dropped it. The police did not believe her story. Now, this judge thought she was guilty of bank robbery. She would probably go to jail for something she did not do. Life was not fair.

Give someone the benefit of the doubt 


There are four main types of instruments in an orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. The strings include violins, violas, cellos, and basses. The woodwinds include oboes, clarinets, and bassoons, while the brass include trumpets, trombones, and French horns. Finally, the percussion section includes many different drums as well as xylophones and unusual rhythm makers.

There are four orchestra sections: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.


Do you know when the play will commence?  I am excited to see it! 



They fought like cats and dogs.



Splat! "Oh rats" thought Katie as she stopped to clean up the mess, "I hope we have another one." She looked in the fridge and pulled out the carton.  One left! Breakfast wasn't ruined after all! 

What did Katie spill?



A pair of oxen were pulling a heavy wagon up a road. They had to use all of their strength to pull it, but they did not complain.

The wheels of the wagon were not hard workers. The work they had to do was not hard compared to the oxen’s work. The wheels creaked and groaned down the whole road. Their whining made it even harder for the oxen to work.

“Silence!" the oxen yelled. ”Why are you wheels complaining so loudly? We are pulling all the weight, not you, and we are quiet!”

Everyone has their problems 

Don't complain


The Great Lakes are five freshwater lakes in North America. They formed thousands of years ago as glaciers melted. The Great Lakes contain most of the fresh water in North America. They are also important shipping routes, fishing sites, and sources of drinking water. Because of this, it is very important to keep the lakes clean.

It is important to protect the Great Lakes.


I was bewildered when I was trying to figure out what happened to the missing cookie.  



The sun played hide and seek with the clouds.


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