Make a prediction
Main Idea
Name the category
Describe the word

What is a prediction

Something that has not happened yet, but could happen based on past events


What is an inference

They give you hints or clues that help you "read between the lines."


What is a main idea

What the big picture of the story is about


Basketball, football, baseball




Drink, cold, sour, yellow/pink, summertime beverage, homemade or store bought


  1. “Do you want me to quiz you?” Paulina’s mom asked.
    “I don’t know.” Paulina replied. “I went through the list three times last night. I think I can spell all the words.”
    “Better safe than sorry,” Paulina’s mom said. “And you have plenty of time before the bus comes.”
    Tina handed her word list to her mom.

What happens next?

Tina's mom helps her study


Thunder struck and rain poured. Max stared blankly out the window, trying to contain his emotions that raged like the weather. He was beginning to lose it. Dropping the kite from his hand, Max broke out into full sobs. His mother comforted him, "There, there, Max. We'll just find something else to do." She began to unpack the picnic basket that was on the counter and offered him a sandwich. Max snapped, "I don't wanna sand-mich!" A flash from the sky lit up the living room.

Boom! Mom sighed.

Why was max upset

He could not go on the picnic because of the weather


Melanie is in the fourth grade. Her favorite sport is soccer. She loves soccer because she

gets to play with her friends. Scoring goals and celebrating with her team is what

Melanie loves best. She also enjoys eating the oranges at half-time, they are delicious!

What is the main idea of this passage?

a) Melanie is in the fourth grade

b) Her favorite sport is soccer

c) She loves scoring goals



Nike, Adidas, under armour

brands of sports clothing



Type of weather, falls from the sky, liquid, can be cold or warm, makes you wet


  1. From the back seat, Tina looked out the front windshield. There wasn’t much to see. Just fields and more fields. “Are we there yet?” she asked, knowing that they weren’t even close.
    “Not yet,” her dad said with a smile.

    Tina couldn’t wait to get to her grandma’s house. There was a big yard to play in, and good things to eat. Her cousins were going to be there too. Tina’s eyes got heavy.
    “Are we there yet?” Tina said in a very sleepy voice.

    Her dad just said, “Nope!”
    Tina closed her eyes.
    “Hey sleepyhead!” said Tina’s mom. “Time to rise and shine!” The car had stopped moving.

Why did the car stop moving?

They arrived


Kyle ran into his house, slamming the door behind him. He threw his book bag on the floor and plopped onto the couch. After six hours of playing Grand Larceny VII, he ate some pizza and fell asleep with a slice on his stomach and his feet on his book bag. When Kyle came home from school the next day, he was noticeably distraught. He balled up his report card and placed it inside a soup can in the garbage. He then flipped the soup can upside down in the garbage can and arranged loose pieces of trash over it. As he plopped down on the couch, he let out a sigh and picked up his controller.

Why was he so upset

He did not get a good report card


The sun is shining on a cool fall day. The students’ backpacks are filled with new

notebooks and pencils. They wait at the bus stop, talking with their friends who they

haven’t seen all summer. The teachers are happy as they greet the new students in the

hallway on their way to class. Everyone is excited for the first day of school.

Everyone is excited for the first day of school


McDonalds, chick-fil-A, Burger King

Fast food restaurants



Ocean animal, large in size, has a tail, many types, found in the water


  1. One day, Theodore saw his neighbor, Mr. Franco, walking past the apartment building with his dog, Royal. Royal was a nice collie with big brown eyes. Theodore said “Hi!” and walked over to Mr. Franco. Mr. Franco smiled, and said, “I wish I had time to walk Royal more. He really loves his walks. I’ve been thinking about paying someone to walk him a few days a week.”

what may happen next

He will offer to walk Royal for Mr. Franco


"I had finally gotten used to feeling weightless. It became a comfortable feeling. I lied floating by the window to see planet Earth below

Who is this story about, and how did you know



ANG! The thunder crashes and the wind blows the leaves off of the trees. Summer

thunderstorms can cause damage to yards and homes. Thunderstorms bring heavy

rains that cause flooding in basements and sheds. Heavy winds and lightening can

damage powerlines, causing people to lose electric power in their homes.

Thunderstorms can be very dangerous


Maple, pine, oak

Types of trees



Found at the beach, goes with a shovel, used to hold sand or make a sand castle. 


Zack and Andy were building a spaceship from a kit Zack got for his birthday. There were lots of small pieces spread out all over the table. “That’s a lot of pieces!” Andy said.
Zack unfolded the paper that had the directions. It had pictures to show how to put the spaceship together, step by step. He showed the paper to Andy. “Look,” said Zack. “It starts with four of these long thin pieces.

what happens next?

They looked for the pieces


Aki pointed her camera at the small chipmunk that was running along the dirt trail in front of her. But, before she got a picture, it ran straight up the trunk of a tall conifer tree. Aki stared up towards the top of the tree. All around her tall evergreen trees loomed. The sunshine filtered gently through the pine needles, and a cool breeze blew through the branches. Aki continued walking, her feet crunching over pinecones, pine needles, and dry leaves as she made her way along the narrow, dusty trail.

Where is she, how do you know?

She is in the forest


There are a lot of easy things that people of any age can do to help the planet. Recycling used items is very helpful, of course. Reusing items like glass jars and paper towel tubes helps, too. This can lower the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. While recycling cans, plastics, paper products, and more is good, people can also cut back on how much they use in the first place. Plastic-free packaging is now very common. Buying bulk packages can also lead to less wasted material. Using washable products can also reduce the amount of trash created over time.

what is the main idea:
A. There are many things that ou can do to help the planet

B. Recycling can help the planet

C. It is important to use washable products



Book, magazine, newspaper

Things you read



Breakfast food, found in the kitchen or can be at a restaurant, goes nicely with butter and syrup, many flavors, usually a square shape.