5.1 Scientific Investigations & Scientific Method
4.6 Earth, Sun, & Moon
4.5 Planets
4.4 Weather
Scientfic Measurement Tools

Identify the types of data. 

1. There were six dogs in the group.

2. The dogs were small. 

1.  Quantitative Data

2.  Qualitative Data 


Earth's __ causes day and night. 



What is the center of our solar system?

The Sun


Rain, sleet, hail, and snow are forms of ___. 



What does a thermometer measure?

thermal energy in the atmosphere


What would be the independent variable in this experiment?

Experiment:  How does laundry detergent affect the fading of clothing?

The type of laundry detergent


Earth's ___ ___ and ____ around the sun cause the seasons. (2 answers) 

axial tilt and revolution


What are the 8 planets in order from closest to furthest away from the sun?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, & Neptune


What is the difference between weather and climate?

Weater is the day-to-day state of the atmosphere for a given area.  Climate is the average weather of a given area over ane extended period of time (years). 


What does a rain gauge measure?

amount of precipitation, specifically rain


What would be the dependent variable in this experiment?

Experiment:  How does laundry detergent affect the fading of clothing?

The amount or extent of fading in the clothing


The __ tidal ranges are associated with full and new moons, which is when the Earth, moon, and sun are aligned.  

The __ tidal ranges are associated with first and last quarter, when the Earth, sun, and moon are at right angles. (2 answers)

highest and lowest


What are the 8 planets in size order, from biggest to smallest?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury


What type of weather can be expected in High Pressure areas?  Low Pressure areas? (2 answers) 

High Pressure - Happy Weather; fair weather

Low Pressure - Lousy, Wet Weather; stormy weather & strong winds


What does a barometer measure?

atmospheric air pressure


What are two constants you would want in the following experiment? 

Experiment:  How does laundry detergent affect the fading of clothing?

Answers will vary. 

same washing machine, same washing settings, same brand of clothing, same length of washing time, same amount of detergent, etc. 


Sketch the moon phases in sequential order. 

Sketch checked for accuracy by a teacher. 


What 3 factors make Earth ideal for life?

oxygen-rich atmosphere, liquid water, & distance from the Sun


What's the difference between thunderstorms, hurricanes, & tornadoes? 

Thurnderstorms - warm, humid conditions; brief period of heavy rain; lightning always comes before thunder

Hurricanes - form over warm, tropical water (Atlantic Ocean); heavy winds equal to or greater than 74 miles per hour

Tornadoes - form from thunderstorms as wind changes direction and air begins to rotate over flat land 


What does an anemometer measure?

wind speed


List the 5 steps of the Scientfic Method, in sequential order. (There is an extra step at the end for a 100 point bonus). 

1. Observe & Question

2. Research & Hypothesis 

3. Plan the Experiment

4. Conduct the Experiment 

5. Analyze the Results & Draw Conclusions

6. Share your Results


Sketch the Earth, Moon, and Sun system.  How do they move about each other?

Sketch checked for accuracy by a teacher. 


Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet? (2 answers)

its small size and irregular orbit


__ clouds are fluffly and white with flat bottoms, indicating fair (good) weather. 

__ clouds are larger and darker on the bottom and may produce thunderstorms. 

__ clouds are feathery clouds that are generally associated with fair weather, but may indicate that rain or snow is coming. 

___ clouds are smooth, gray clouds that cover the whole sky (block out direct sunlight) and are associated with light rain and drizzle. (4 answers) 






What does a graduated cylinder measure?

liquid volume