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The life lesson or moral that the author wants the reader to understand such as 'Money Can't Buy Happiness'

What is theme?


What the fiction summary strategy CPRS stands for

Character, Problem, Resolution, Solution


I am the "why" of the controlling idea

The reason


The narrator is the main character, revealing their thoughts and feelings. What's the point of view?

What is first person point of view?


What type of response includes

Restating the question + answer 

Cite text evidence

SCR or Short Constructed


The climax of the story is also called this

What is the turning point?


Pieces of information, such as quotes, statistics, and facts that support and add credibility to the controlling idea (or claim)

What is evidence?


Paying attention to a characters words, actions, feelings, and thoughts helps me figure out 

Character Traits

The narrator tells the story from the perspective of the main character, referring to them by name or using a third person pronoun such as they/she/he

What is third person limited point of view?


The part of the paragraph that tells the reader what the rest of the paragraph will be about

Topic Sentence


When I am asked about what develops the plot, I should always think about...

What is the conflict

Restate and answer the question (controlling idea)

State your reason (in your own words)

Cite text evidence

Explain the evidence with detail


ECR or Extended Constructed Response


Identify the figurative language, tell what two things are being compared and explain what it means:

The detective listened to her story with a wooden face.

What is a metaphor? The detective's face is being compared to wood, meaning the detective had no expression as he listened to her.


The narrator is not a part of the story but describes the thoughts and feelings of all characters in the story

Third person omniscient point of view


The difference between a short constructed response and an extended constructed response?

What is a Short Constructed Response is a brief explanation to show your understanding (2-4 sentences) and an Extended Constructed Response is an essay response (4 paragraphs).


Mrs. Barbe said, “Be sure to check

your answers to make sure they are

accurate before turning in your test.”

Accurate means ______ in this sentence.

What is correct?


Description, Compare/Contrast, Categorical, Cause and Effect, Problem/Solution, Proposition/Support, Chronological

What are organizational patterns or nonfiction text structures?


Why are secondary characters important?

They help move the story forward

The section of the plot in which the tension stemming from the story's central conflict grows

What is rising action?


The overall feeling of a text is called 



What do you need to do in the conclusion of an extended constructed response?

Restate controlling idea


Mr. Eddison told his students that they needed

to take all their personal belongings home. He

gave his students a speech about how lucky he

was to have had them in his class. When the

dismissal bell rang, the students rushed out of

the school with excitement.

-This can be inferred

It is the last day of school.


These clues surround a word to help us understand the meaning

Context Clues


When completing a revising question, I would do this to ensure I chose the correct answer.

What is read the sentence before and the sentence after the sentence in the question to ensure I understood the content of the passage in order to accurately improve the sentence in question?


A statement about what the text/writing is about

Controlling Idea/Main Idea