Reading 6th Grade
Writing 6th Grade
Language Arts 6th Grade
Grammar 6th Grade

An educated guess based on background knowledge and clues from a text

What is an inference


This type of writing is meant to teach or explain a particular topic to its audience.  It is fact based. 

What is the informational writing?

Comparing two unlike things using the words "like" or "as"

What is a simile? 


The polite way to ask someone for something: 

_____ you tell me what time it is?

a. May
b. Can
c. Will

What is c. Will?


Words that are similar in meaning

What are synonyms?


The main point the author is trying to make in an text

What is a central idea?


This type of writing is meant to convince your audience to see things from the author's perspective. Speeches, ads, and commercials fall under this category.

What is persuasive writing?


"The bright orange walls screamed at her as she walked into the room." is an example of this type of figurative language.

What is personification?


A type of pronoun that is used to emphasize a noun or pronoun; can be left out and the sentence will still make sense. 

What is an intensive pronoun?


The author's attitude with which he/she writes; the author's feelings about the subject he/she writes about

What is tone?


The perspective from which a story is told

What is point of view


This type of writing tells a story with characters, setting, and a plot.  It can be fiction or non-fiction and is usually told in 1st or 3rd person. 

What is narrative writing?


The turning point in a story; usually the most exciting event in the story 

What is the climax?


The correct pronoun that should be used in the following sentence: 

This is her. 

What is she?


"I'm so tired, I could sleep for a week!" is an example of this type of figurative language.

What is a hyperbole?


This is an underlying message the author wants to convey in his/her story. It is a lesson about life that the author wants you to learn.

What is a theme?


When the story is told from the perspective of the narrator who is a character in the story; uses pronouns such as "I" or "me."

What is first person?


A type of informational text structure where an author tells how two or more things are alike and/or how they are different

What is compare and contrast? 


The type of pronoun that comes after an action verb or a preposition

What is an object pronoun?


"Her home was a prison" is this type of figurative language.

What is a metaphor?


The storyline or sequence of events in a play, story, movie or similar work

What is a plot?


This particular genre of literature is not easy to define.  It is different from prose and does not adhere to a specific structure.  It may contain rhyme, rhythm, and figurative language, but not necessarily.  

What is a poetry?


A group of words that mean something other than the literal meaning.

What is an idiom?


The pronoun(s) that will correct the shift in person in the following sentence:

The teacher can bring their class to the library this Friday.

What is his or her? 


"The crisp, crunchy croissants were scrumptious" is an example of this type of sound device/figurative language.

What is alliteration?