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After all the confusion, the speaker expressly stated her views on slavery to clear things up.

What does expressly mean in this sentence?

(adv.) Clearly, plainly; For a specific purpose


The polar bear was famished after swimming for days without a meal.

What does famished mean in this sentence?

(adj.) Extremely hungry


Which of the following are SYNONYMS
for the word IMMENSE?

  1. vast; enormous; immeasurable; gigantic
  2. clearly; pointedly; plainly; explicitly
  3. clumsy; unskilled; bungling; incompetent
  4. submerge; soak; dunk; drench
  5. desert; renounce; disown; abandon

A. vast; enormous; immeasurable; gigantic


Which of the following are ANTONYMS
for the word INGENIOUS?

  1. unimaginative; uncreative; uninspired; dull
  2. hold; keep; retain; withhold
  3. full; gorged; well-fed; satisfied
  4. aid; help; reinforce; assist
  5. delayed; long-term; slow; gradual

A. unimaginative; uncreative; uninspired; dull


What Team Has the Most Super Bowl Appearances?

The New England Patriots have appeared in 11 Super Bowl games (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2011, 2007, 2004, 2003, 2001, 1996, 1985). The Pittsburgh Steelers trail with 8.


The bikini is apparel that should be worn at the beach instead of a bathrobe.

What does the word apparel mean in this sentence?

(n.) Clothing, especially outer garments; (v.) To dress or put clothes on


Although I may be very angry with you, I will not forsake you or leave you in any way.

What does forsake mean in this sentence?

(v.) To give up something; To abandon or desert someone


Which of the following are SYNONYMS
for the word FORSAKE?

  1. clumsy; unskilled; bungling; incompetent
  2. desert; renounce; disown; abandon
  3. prompt; quick; speedy; immediate
  4. clearly; pointedly; plainly; explicitly
  5. imaginative; inventive; resourceful; clever

B. desert; renounce; disown; abandon


Which of the following are ANTONYMS
for the word OAF?

  1. full; gorged; well-fed; satisfied
  2. intellectual; gentleman; nobleman; aristocrat
  3. acclamation; praise; appreciation; compliment
  4. no food; starvation
  5. small; tiny; minute; undersized

B. intellectual; gentleman; nobleman; aristocrat


Which Team Has the Most Super Bowl Losses?

The Denver Broncos and Patriots are tied with five losses each. The Broncos have three wins, most recently in 2016.


Although I consider myself to be quite the artist, I am totally inept at carving pumpkins, because they always end up looking terrible.

What does inept mean in this sentence?

(adj.) Lacking skill; Not fit or suitable


Many people who don't have jobs are looking for gainful employment as a means to pay their bills.

What does gainful mean in this sentence?

(adj.) Intended to make money, financially rewarding


Which of the following are SYNONYMS
for the word IRK?

  1. kill; slay; report; communication
  2. bother; irritate; vex; annoy
  3. clearly; pointedly; plainly; explicitly
  4. worry; qualm; hesitation
  5. submerge; soak; dunk; drench

B. bother; irritate; vex; annoy


Which of the following are ANTONYMS
for the word IMMENSE?

  1. acclamation; praise; appreciation; compliment
  2. small; tiny; minute; undersized
  3. intellectual; gentleman; nobleman; aristocrat
  4. aid; help; reinforce; assist
  5. unprofitable; adverse; unrewarding; nonpaying

B. small; tiny; minute; undersized


Which City Has Hosted the Most Super Bowls?

Miami has hosted the Super Bowl 11 times, with Hard Rock Stadium hosting 6. The runner-up is New Orleans with 10.


His battle plan was to besiege the castle so that all sides would be attacked. 

What does besiege mean in this sentence?

(v.) To surround with military forces


The Professor came up with an ingenious way to create a radio using only a coconut and an electric blanket.

What does ingenious mean in this sentence?

(adj.) Clever, original, or inventive


Which of the following are SYNONYMS
for the word OAF?

  1. bonehead; dunce; clod; lout
  2. clearly; pointedly; plainly; explicitly
  3. moneymaking; paying; profitable
  4. retreat; go back; back up; ebb
  5. prompt; quick; speedy; immediate

A. bonehead; dunce; clod; lout


Which of the following are ANTONYMS
for the word RECEDE?

  1. advance; approach; come closer
  2. dehydrate; dry; parch
  3. delayed; long-term; slow; gradual
  4. return to; stay with; keep; hold on to
  5. accidentally; by coincidence; unintentionally; by chance

A. advance; approach; come closer


Who Was the Oldest Player to Play in a Super Bowl?

Indianapolis Colts kicker Matt Stover took the field for Super Bowl XLIV at 42 years old, making him the oldest player to play in a Super Bowl until 43-year-old Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to the championship.


The high school newspaper editor heard of a high speed chase, so she decided to dispatch me to the scene.

What does dispatch mean in this sentence?

 (v.) To send to a destination


I felt it was important to denounce the terrible actions of my neighbor, so I called him a meany in public.

What does denounce mean in this sentence?

(v.) To express disapproval of; To accuse or criticize as deserving of punishment


Which of the following are SYNONYMS
for the word INEPT?

  1. bother; irritate; vex; annoy
  2. imaginative; inventive; resourceful; clever
  3. clearly; pointedly; plainly; explicitly
  4. clumsy; unskilled; bungling; incompetent
  5. bonehead; dunce; clod; lout

D. clumsy; unskilled; bungling; incompetent


Which of the following are ANTONYMS
for the word DISPATCH?

  1. hold; keep; retain; withhold
  2. please; cheer; amuse; make happy
  3. certainty; confidence; assurance; belief
  4. commend; laud; praise; hail
  5. expand; enlarge; stretch; increase

A. hold; keep; retain; withhold


Has There Ever Been a Year Without a Super Bowl?

Nope! There has been a Super Bowl every year since the event began in 1967.

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