Natural resources
Cause and Effect
Synthetic materials
Tech and gaming

This movie follows a girl who longs to become a human. Despite the warning from her friends Sebastian and Flounder, she makes a deal with the Seawitch to become human.

The Little Mermaid


Define a renewable resource.

A renewable resource is a resource that is replaced at the rate it is used.

It is made within the amount of time of a human lifespan.


Identify the cause and effect:

Air particles kinetic energy is increasing as I turn the heater on in the room.

Cause: heater was turned on (air gets warmer)

Effect: Air particles kinetic energy increases

What is the definition of synthetic material

A human-made material that is made with a chemical change.


What is the highest-selling gaming console to date?

Playstation 2


This movie follows a young lion, whose name actually means lion in Swahili, whose father is killed by his uncle in order to take the Pride Lands. He is later raised by a warthog and meerkat named Timon and Pumba.

The Lion King


Define Non-renewable resource.

A non-renewable resource is a resource that is made at a slower rate than it is used.

These resources are not made within a person's lifespan and take much longer to be made.


The cause comes _______________ the effect on a timeline



Give an example of a synthetic material

Plastic, rayon, nylon, acryllic


What popular Japanese based franchise is a video game, card game, board game, and television show. 

Hint* this franchise follows small creatures that like to repeat their name



First being known as experiment 626, this little blue alien steals a rocket ship and ends up on the island of Hawaii. Here he meets a little Hawaiian girl who adopts him, thinking he was a dog.

Lilo and Stitch


What does C.O.N stand for in terms of non-renewable resources?

Coal, Oil, Natural Gas

Identify the cause and effect

Two dead whales washed up along the shore. Upon further investigation, a biologist discovered the animal had 2 tons of plastic in its stomach. 

Cause: Whale had large amounts of plastic in stomach from eating littered plastic

Effect: Whale died and washed up because it could not digest plastic


How can synthetic materials help us?


Easy to mass produce.



What food was the character Pac Man modeled after?



This movie goes to the dogs. It follows Pongo and Perdita and their kidnapped puppies. By the end of the movie they have not only found their 15 lost puppies but many, many, more.

101 Dalmatians


Name 3 types of renewable energy

Solar, geothermal, wind, water


Give an example of cause and effect for how cellphones affect humans or the environment.

Cause: cellphones are used and disposed of by millions of people

effect: addictions, changing brain function, destroyed habitats for animals to mine for resources for phones, pollution due to the use of plastic found in phone


How can synthetic materials harm human society or the environment?

Pollution when plastic is made.

Littering causing sea animals to die and oceans and fish to become toxic.

Microplastics toxic to us and build up in our bodies.


What is the bestselling videogame of all time?

Hint* you probably play this



She not only saved her father‘s life by taking his place in the war, but saves all of China as well. With the help of her lucky cricket and little red dragon, she got down to business to defeat the Huns.



Why do some countries have certain natural resources, while other countries may not?

The countries climate and location have an effect on what natural resources are made there and this affects what resources a country has to use.


Identify the cause and effect:

A large underwater earthquake occurred 500 miles offshore in Japan surprising many people who felt the tremors. People were scared as they then heard the tsunami alarms go off, a tsunami was coming.

Cause: underwater earthquake happened

Effect: caused a tsunami / people were surprised and scared


What kinds of materials are needed to make synthetic materials?

Natural resources are needed to make synthetic materials. These natural materials are combined and changed in a chemical change to make a synthetic material.


What product did Nintendo first release before taking on the world of video games?

Playing cards 


This princess dreams to go see the floating lanterns gleam on her birthday. She is actually the lost Princess from the kingdom of Corona. She has over 70 feet of magical long hair.



Why are resources and minerals as copper not found everywhere across the globe?

Copper is made only at tectonic plate boundaries under water where thermal vents create minerals such as copper. Many places such as Africa do not have plate boundaries at their coasts and therefore, they do not have the plate tectonics happening there to make copper.


Draw a model showing a cause and effect for synthetic materials on the environment.

many answers accepted.


What is it about plastic that makes it such a problem in the environment?

It does not break down or decompose (or takes centuries). 


What was the only available game on the old school Nokia phones from the early 90's