Context Clues
Central Ideas
Main Idea

 What is the definition of the highlighted word?
The teacher was appalled, or disgusted, by the honey-covered homework the student turned in.



School uniforms are far cheaper than the currently popular fashions. Many students work long hours at a paying job instead of doing homework because they feel they have to "keep up appearances." If students wore uniforms, there would be no need for most of them to have jobs that take away from their study time.

School uniforms being a good idea.


My best friend was having a party Friday night, but I also had a baseball game.  This was going to be a tough decision.  If I do not go to the game, I will let my team down.

It's important to be loyal.


Shanna had never seen so many fish before. She looked around at the huge tanks and could see hundreds of fish, crabs, shrimp, and all other amazing creatures completely surrounding her. She never thought she could feel like she was completely underwater, yet still be completely dry.

The main topic is about...

The aquarium


Is this a compound sentence or a simple sentence?

The day was bright.

simple sentence


What is the definition of the highlighted word?
Since Grace deferred her vacation, she was able to accomplish more at work first.


Shuttle Endeavour will thunder into orbit this week with an American flag on its right wing. The ship will carry its most international crew ever launched. The spaceship is headed for the International Space Station. Four Americans are on board, along with Russian, Canadian, and Italian astronauts. This multinational crew will be symbolic of those who will work and live on the growing outpost. The station is a joint project of 16 nations on four continents.

the cultural crew aboard the space shuttle.



What is theme?

A life lesson or message in a literary work.


 Some people say that the White House has ghosts.  The most famous ghost is Abraham Lincoln.  He is often seen standing in his room looking out the window.  Even Eleanor Roosevelt said that she saw him.  There is a legend that old Abe walks back and forth all night before something terrible is about to happen.  This paragraph mainly tells:

What Lincoln's ghost is like


What does this mean?

"Rachel is walking encylopedia" 

Rachel knows a lot of words


What is the definition of the highlighted word?
Like the winners at the Oscars, I received accolades from my parents for my good grades.



It's no surprise that exercise increases energy. The physical challenge prepares your body in a variety of ways. Blood sugar is more quickly converted to fuel, more oxygen is supplied to your cells, and fight-or-flight hormones are released. Instead of leaving you exhausted, exercise energizes. Do it in the morning for an all-day high or later in the afternoon for a pick-me-up.

This passage is mostly about?

Exercise increases your energy



Matthew was walking in the halls at school with his friends when he saw a little boy drop his lunch money. Matthew's friend said they should keep the money, but Matthew didn't feel that was the right thing to do. He returned the money to the boy.



Seated on his throne, King Midas wore a golden crown. He had golden rings on each finger and held a golden scepter. His vest was embroidered with golden thread and even his shoes had golden ornaments. He had a golden box filled with gold coins. He named his daughter Marigold.
What is the main idea of this paragraph?

King Midas loved gold


  Simile or Metaphor:
My sister is like an angel in my life.



Tanya loved her dad, but she wondered why she was so organized when he was so haphazard.  A person who is haphazard is-



The art of training and cutting plants and trees into ornamental shapes is called topiary work. This art dates back to the days of the Romans. They enjoyed training plants to grow in geometric shapes and, later on, created animal designs and designs that resembled furniture. The Romans were also a dominant empire during their time. Due to topiary work, the Romans had many beautiful gardens.

Topiary work dates back to the Romans.


What is the theme?

She sobbed for hours trying to think of a way out of having to tell her father she wrecked her new car. After stewing over it for quite some time, she called her father on his cell phone. "Thank you," he said.

It's important to be honest. 


By the time she was three, Matilda had taught herself to read by studying newspapers and magazines that lay around the house. At the age of four, she could read fast and well and she naturally began hankering after books. The only book in the whole of this enlightened household was something called Easy Cooking belonging to her mother, and when she had read this from cover to cover and had learnt all the recipes by heart, she decided she wanted something more interesting. "Daddy," she said, "do you think you could buy me a book?" "A book,” he said. "Whatd' you want a flaming book for?" "To read, Daddy." "What's wrong with the telly, for heaven's sake? We've got a lovely telly with a twelve-inch screen and now you come asking for a book! You're getting spoiled, my girl!"

What is the main idea?

Matilda is eager to learn and read more.


Which sentence is correct?

1. Tom Jana, and Terry like animal fables.

2. Tom Jana and Terry like animal fables.

3. Tom, Jana, and Terry like animal fables.

Tom, Jana, and Terry like animal fables.


 Again they searched meticulously, but no keys. If you did something meticulously, you would be-

Working very carefully


Dogs, especially sniffer dogs, have a far better sense of smell than humans because their smell receptors are much longer than those in human noses. Human noses differ from person to person, but they can affect the way a person tastes food. Sniffer dogs are used by police and security personnel throughout the world to detect drugs in airports and other busy places. They are specially trained and can pick up even the lightest scents of drugs or firearms.

drug sniffing dogs


Kim had gone through her closet with her mom over the weekend. She remembered a new girl at school who always seemed to wear the same pants over and over. Kim wondered what she could do with the clothes. She handed the new girl a bag as she passed her in the hallway.

It's better to give than to receive


Tom started to reel in his line. The fish tugged and pulled hard. Judging by the weight of his catch, this fish could feed his family for three days. Tom struggled to stay in the boat and not be pulled over the side. Finally his catch came into view. He had snagged a snapping turtle!

Tom catches a snapping turtle while fishing.


Ominous means _____.

Portending (foreshadowing) evil or harm

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