physical science
earth science
space science
life science
scientific method

This phase of water is made of vibrating particles, compacted together

What is a solid


The sphere of earth that involves rocks and mountains

What is the geosphere


The order , from biggest to smallest, of: star, galaxy, planet, universe, solar system

What is universe, galaxy, solar system, star, planet


1. the cell is the basic unit of life

2. one or more cells create every living organism

3. This missing statement

What is: all cells come from preexisting cells


This is the step of the scientific method where results are verified by other scientists

What is communication


As the mantle heats up, it rises towards the surface. When it cools, it sinks back down to the center. This is an example of this type of heat transfer

What is convection


Evaporation that originates from trees and plants in the water cycle

What is transpiration


The order of the solar system

What is mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, and neptune


This is the reason a virus needs a host cell to survive

What is replication


The part of the experiment that is kept the same

What is the controlled variables


This statement is the law of conservation of energy

What is energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only change forms


This layer of the earth's structure contains the convection currents that move our continental and oceanic plates

What is the mantle


The type of galaxy the milky way galaxy , where we live, is

What is spiral galaxy


This level of organization makes up an organ

What is multiple tissues working together


This is the tested statement of an experiment

What is a hypothesis


This can not be reversed and changes the type of a substance. ex. metal rusting or wood being burned

What is a chemical change


This process changes sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks

What is heat and pressure


In loops and arches, this feature of a sun bursts of the surface of the sun

What is a prominence


This human body system sends signals throughout the body

What is the nervous system


Does pipe material affect the temperature of flowing water? This statement is the dependent variable

What is the temperature of the flowing water


The formula for density is d=m/v. This number is the density of a metal that has the following properties: 45 g and 10mL

What is 4.5 g/mL


This is the process where a plate will go under another plate, usually melting the first plate. 

What is subduction


Between these distances, a light year is most likely used to measure:

a- between the sun and the earth

b- between the moon and the earth

c- between the sun and neptune

d- between the sun and the next closest star

What is between the sun and the next closest star


The form of symbiosis in this relationship:

The shark provides protection to the remora fish while the remora fish swims nearby

What is commensalism


This statement describes what occurs during a phenomenon. It is not interchangeable with the explanation of the event 

What is a law

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