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What is a hyperbole and provide an example

An extreme exaggeration. 

ex: I was so hungry I could eat a horse


These helpful tools are hidden within sentences, paragraphs, or passages for a reader to use to discover the meaning of new and unfamiliar words. 

Context Clues


For your text analysis response how many texts do you have to read?



Define Climax of the plot diagram?

Turning point of the story


State an example of symbolism

Mockingjay pin, American flag, Apple Logo etc...


What is personification and provide an example

Giving an object human-like characteristics

Ex: The sun's eyes glared at me today


Maleek raced home from school to get a head start on his homework. Shauna finally asked him out on a date. But, every thought of pure joy that rushed to his head came to a crashing halt when he realized his parents were dressed up for ballroom dancing classes. The classes were a great idea since last time his dad crashed into the punch bowl when he chaperoned for Prom. Yikes! But now he's stuck babysitting his troublesome brother, Charlie and forced to cancel on Shauna and who knows if he'd get asked out by her again. Make an inference as to why Maleek is babysitting his younger brother.

Maleek's parents are going ballroom dancing


During the argument essay, you need to establish this to create your main argument



You have read numerous texts this year. From one of the texts, tell me the main conflict that occurred? 

Answers Vary


Excerpt from the Institute by Stephen King: 

With the essay included, the SAT test lasted four hours, but there was a merciful break in the middle. Luke sat on a bench in the high school’s lobby, munching the sandwiches his mother had packed for him and wishing for a book. What does merciful mean: A)Expected B) Lenient C) Strict D) Included

B) Lenient 


State one similarity between similes and metaphors

They both are comparisons. 


Will called Ellie on Friday afternoon and invited her to come to his house after dinner to watch a movie. It had been a long, boring day, and Ellie was excited to have something to do. After dinner, she hopped on her bike and pedaled over to Will's house. The house was dark, and when she rang the bell, there was no answer. Ellie turned around, hopped back on her bike, and rode home. Make an inference about why Ellie rode home.

Nobody was home


After adding a quote to your essay. What two things do you need to do?

Cite the source where the quote came from and describe the quote. 


What was the resolution in "The Lady or the Tiger"?

There wasn't one. 


Excerpt from Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes By Suzanne Collins

“For a moment he laughed, forgetting where they were, how depressing the backdrop. For a moment there was just her smile, the musical cadence of her voice, and the hint of flirtation. Then the world exploded.” What does cadence mean: A)Melodical rhythm B) Discourse C) Inactivity D) Flat

A) Melodical Rhythm


State one difference between a simile and a metaphor

Similes use like or as to compare, metaphors don't. 


Rowan was looking forward to attending a concert after school tonight. By the time that school had ended, storm clouds came rolling in. After Rowan finished up with her homework and got concert ready, her friend called and canceled on the concert. It didn't matter, though, Rowan was determined to go and have a blast. Unfortunately, the rain didn't let up and Rowan eventually decided not to go to the concert and stay inside and watch movies with her brother, Jess. Make an inference as to why Rowan did not attend the concert?

There was a downpour outside


What are the three structural components needed for a strong essay/response

Introduction, body, conclusion


What is the exposition used for?

To establish the setting, characters and mood


Maddox never felt like she belonged at school. At school students began ostracizing Maddox which left Maddox feeling lonely and friendless at school, which only had her feeling more isolated. What does ostracize mean. A) Included B) Excluded C) Exiled D) Banished

B) Excluded


Define dramatic irony and state an example

Dramatic irony occurs when the audience knows something that the characters don't.

Ex: In the film Titanic right before the ship hits the iceberg, a character says "It's so beautiful I could die." 


The main ideas of the text. Not the topic of the text is referring to the:

Central Idea or Theme


Name at least three examples of a writing strategy

Irony, metaphor, simile, etc...


Name the plot diagram parts in order

Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution (Denouement) 


What is the difference between tone and mood

-Tone: Attitude of a writer towards a subject conveyed through word choice and the style of writing

-Mood: Overall feeling or atmosphere of a text created by an author’s use of imagery and word choice

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