Alexa is allowed to attempt only three out of five questions on her Math test. Is this an example of an accommodation, modification or both?

This is an example of a modification, where she may be working at a different grade level.


"__________ are changes made in the grade–level expectations for a subject or course in order to meet a student's learning needs". Fill in the blank.



As per PPM 8, a student with a Learning Disability is automatically entitled to modified learning expectations, where they can follow the curriculum of a lower grade. Is this statement true or false?

False. Before modifying the curriculum, the teacher must try differentiated instruction techniques and/or Universal Design for Learning. In addition, they must try out various types of accommodations to ensure that a student is unable to meet grade level expectations.


Provide an example of an environmental accommodation.

Option to work in the hall/library, option to complete an assignment independently as opposed to working in a group etc. 


Benjamin is allowed to type the answers of his quiz instead of writing it. He can also choose to work in the library or any other quiet spot. What types of accommodation are these?

Working on a computer is an assessment accommodation.
Working in the library is an example of an environmental accommodation.


When the physical environment of the classroom or school is changed to better support the student, it is an example of ___________.

Environmental accommodation


As per the Onatrio Ministry of Education website, once an accommodation is recorded in an IEP, it cannot be changed for three years. Is this statement true or false? Justify your response. 

False. An IEP is an ongoing document and therefore if an accommodation is no longer working for the student, a teacher is free to change it.


Provide an example of an instructional accommodation that might be recorded on an IEP of a student with a behavioural exceptionality.

Positive reinforcement or words of encouragement.


Christine has trouble grasping abstract Mathematical concepts. Identify which type of accommodation she will benefit from and give an example of such an accommodation.

She requires instructional accommodations. She could benefit from using manipulatives or concrete materials during Math lessons. 


What is the difference between a modified program and an alternative program?

A modified program means that some learning expectations in the curriculum are added or removed to better support student's learning.

An alternative program is developed when the student is working to learn skills that are not present in the Ontario curriculum.


As per the Ontario Ministry of Education, accommodations are only available if the student has been identified as exceptional by the IPRC. Is this statement true?

False. If the board thinks that the student requires special education services, they can develop an IEP and provide suitable accommodations. 


A gifted program is an example of a modified program. True or False? Justify your answer.

True. A gifted student may be working above grade level, in which case their learning expectations are modified.
Daniel is a secondary level student who had modified learning expectations in Math all year. At the end of the year, who will determine if he was successful in meeting the expectations and that he should receive a credit for the course?
The principal will decide this and communicate their decision to the parents.

Provide a (rough) definition of the term "accommodations" as identified in The Individual Education Plan (IEP) - A Resource Guide, 2004.

"Accommodations are supports or services that are not provided to the general student population but that are required by individual students with special needs to help them achieve learning expectations and demonstrate learning."


As per PPM 8, specific accommodations for a student with an LD must be recorded on their IEP. What are the benefits of this?

-All subject teachers can refer to them
-There is a paper trail

-Will reinforce the student's needs

-Increases transparency etc. 


Provide an example of assessment as learning for a student who has modified learning expectations for Math. Identify the grade, strand and topic. 

When teaching fractions to a grade 7 student, a teacher can provide a student with snap cubes to have them demonstrate their learning of equivalent fractions. This will be considered an instructional accommodation. 


Ester is a grade 4 student, but works at a grade 5 level. She is allowed to demonstrate her understanding of Mathematical concepts orally to her teacher during tests. Is this an example of accommodation, modification, or both?

Both. Giving her answers orally is a type of assessment accommodation. She is working at another grade level (she might be gifted) and so has modified learning expectations for Math.


As per the SMART goal setting framework, modified learning expectations should be: 

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time Limited.


As per PPM 140, when providing accommodations or modifying learning expectations for students with ASD, which approach should be adopted?

Applied Behaviour Analysis


Provide examples of instructional, environmental and assessment accommodations that will benefit a student with ADHD. 

Instructional: Use of visuals or technology.
Environmental: Student is seated at the front of the classroom.

Assessment: Test is administered over the course of two days.

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