Good Hygiene
Oral Hygiene
Hand Hygiene
Laundry Hygiene
Body hygiene

How often should you brush your hair? 

Girls: 2x daily-  In the morning and before bedtime. Also needing to brush before and after taking a shower.

Boys: In the morning or after a shower 


What three items do you need to brush your teeth?

Tooth brush, Tooth paste, floss


What song can we use to time how long to wash our hands?



ABC's, Baby Shark song, Row Row your boat, Happy Birthday x2, Stayin' Alive by BeeGees    

Wash your hands for 20 seconds!                                



You spilled ketchup on your shirt at lunch time and wiped cheeto cheese on it too.  Should you wear it to school the next day?

No. Put it in the laundry 


How can I stay clean? 

Take shower/bath daily, wear clean clothes, wash hands


What clothing items can you wear more than once before washing? 

Jeans, Hoodies/Jackets, Pajamas.

UNLESS it is visibly soiled


How many times a day should you brush your teeth?

At least twice a day.


You should trim your nails every month. True or False




Trim your nails every 2 weeks depending on how fast they grow.






How many times should you wear a hoodie or jacket before washing it? 

Twice unless visibly soiled 


You just played in a soccer game. You don't need to take a shower right? 

Wrong! You should always shower after you play.


How many times a week should you shower?

7-once a day


How long should you brush your teeth for?

2 minutes


How many times a day should you wash your hands?

after using the bathroom, before eating, after eating


Where should we put our dirty clothes

In the laundry basket or washing machine


What are the four major areas you should not forget to wash?

Behind your ears, armpits, private area, and feet


I need to wash my hair every day. True or False                                                               





We only need to brush our teeth at night after a long day of eating yummy food. True or False 

FALSE. We should brush our teeth in the morning and at night and after meals.  


What can you use to clean your hands if soap and water is not available?



hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol 


What are 2 items that need to be worn once? 

T-shirt, pants, socks, underwear

How many hours of sleep does a person need every night?

8-10 hours 


Who can you ask if you need help having good hygiene?

A trusted adult.


What three parts of the teeth should you brush?

front, back, and sides

ALSO the tongue


How can you keep your hands clean when you sneeze? and what should you do after you sneeze?                                    


Sneeze into the inside of your elbow or a tissue. 

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer              








What happens if you wear shoes WITHOUT socks? 

Can cause your feet and shoes to have a bad odor


How often should you wash your face? 

At least once per day. Best to do it at bedtime or during shower to wash off oil and dirt from face. 

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