What is Addiction
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Addictions are

 primary, progressive, and potentially fatal diseases


What percentage of people are addicted to alcohol or other drugs in LA County?

A) 10%-

B) 30%-

C) 55%-

A) 30%


Define Progressive

- a person in active addiction to drugs will continue to get worse over time


What are risk factors?

Things that increase a person's chances of developing substance abuse or dependency.


Which major organ is directly affected by addiction?

the brain


How does relapse happen?

negative thoughts leading to feelings, to actions


True of False: Addiction can develop at any age.

True>Addiction can begin when a person abuses drugs, but addiction involves more than just using a lot of drugs.


What is addiction?

A behaviors characterized by the repeated, compulsive seeking or use of a substance despite consequences, and a need for an increased amount of the substance, as time goes on, to achieve the same effect.


Name 5 risk factors for addiction.

Genetics, environment, early age,  stress/trauma, and mental health hx..


At what age is the brain finished developing?

The mid 20s to 24


What is DENIAL?

 Thoughts that are harmful to recovery and are usually things we tell ourselves to talk us into using again.


What happens with dopamine over time as drug use progresses?

Releases smaller amounts of dopamine thus, increasing cravings for drug use.


What is tolerance?

The need to increase the dose over time to obtain the original effect. In other words, higher doses are needed to produce the same effect experienced initially.


What are things that can decrease a person's chance of developing an addiction?

complete abstinence, drug education and healthy coping skills


True or False: Addiction is treatable and addicts can maintain sobriety

True>Individuals can get proper treatment for the disease of addiction.


Addictions are caused by _____ ____ in the brain

chemical changes


What type of addiction is it when the BODY itself feels a direct need for a drug?

 physical dependency.


What is detox?

The process by which a poison or toxin is removed from the body and generally medically supervised treatment  designed to purge the body of intoxicating or addictive substances.


True or False: Addiction is usually progressive and continues to worsen over time.

True> Addiction ranges from "pre-addiction" to the advanced stages of dependence.


Name at least 3 specific areas of the body that can be affected by drug use.

 Mouth, Liver, Throat, Lungs, Skin, Kidney, Bladder, Heart, Brain


Addiction can cause a lack of control over _____, ______,or_______

thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.


What type of addiction is it when the MIND sends the body a message that it needs more of a drug?

 psychological dependency


What is dopamine?

A neurotransmitter in the brain that is triggered by substances and causes a repeat in behaviors;

pleasure chemical


True or false: Whether physical and/or psychological, addiction can be arrested and treated.


True>initial goals are to cut back on drug use, improve a person's ability to function, and reverse or stop any use to improve medical problems associated with drug use.


Name at least 3 diseases or illnesses that can result from drug use.

What are: Hepatitis, Heart Disease, Obesity, Mental Health, HIV, Cancer, a Stroke, etc.