Height Classes

What is a dog walk?

The Dog Walk consists of a center section and two ramp sections. Dogs must ascend one of the ramps, cross the center section, and descend the other ramp in the direction designated by the judge.

What are the two types of faults?

Time and course


What is duration?

An animal’s ability to sustain any given behavior for an increasing period of time


12" class

Dogs over 11” and up to  14”


What are bar jumps?

Bar Jumps consist of bars held in place by bar supports mounted to uprights.Dogs must jump over the top bar, without displacing it. The height of the jump in the class is determined by the dog’s height at its withers.

Who determines course faults?

The judge


Standard agility classes include what?

All the agility obstacles


16" class

Dogs over 14” and up to 18”


What is a closed tunnel?

The Closed Tunnel, also known as the chute, consists of a rigid entrance section, with an attached fabric chute for the dogs to push through. Dogs must enter the rigid entrance section and exit through the fabric chute.

Running around is an example of what?

Course fault


What is a behavior chain?

A series of behaviors linked together in a continuous sequence by cues, delivered by the handler or from the environment, and maintained by a reinforcer at the end of the chain.


20" class

Dogs over 18” and up to 22”


What is a triple bar jump?

The Triple Bar Jump consists of a series of three ascending bars. Dogs must jump over all the bars, without displacing any, in the direction that starts with the lowest bar.

What are time faults?

Time Faults are given for every second a dog goes over the Standard Course Time as set by the length of the course


What is squencing?

The process of teaching a dog to perform two or more obstacles in a series.


24" class

Dogs over 22"


What is a tire jump?

The Tire Jump consists of a tire (or a circular object that resembles a tire) suspended from a rectangular frame. Dogs must jump through the tire opening without breaking the tire segments apart or knocking the tire frame over.

Name three possible course faults

  • Taking an obstacle out of sequence

  • Missing a contact zone

  • Displacing a bar or panel on a jump

  • Jumping off the pause table before the judge is through counting

  • Running around or refusing the next obstacle

  • Touching either the dog or any obstacle by the handler while running the course


What is latency?

refers to the lag time between the moment the cue is given and the moment the animal begins to respond


26" class

Dogs may be entered at this height at their owner’s discretion

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