Difficulty Level 3
Difficulty Level 4

After paying $5.12 for a salad, Norachai has $27.10. How much money did he have before buying the salad?



331 students went on a field trip. Six buses were filled and 7 students traveled in cars. How many students were in each bus?



Sumalee won 40 super bouncy balls playing horseshoes at her school's game night. Later, she gave two to each of her friends. She only has 8 remaining. How many friends does she have?



The Cooking Club made some pies to sell at a basketball game to raise money for the new math books. The cafeteria contributed four pies to the sale. Each pie was then cut into five pieces and sold. There were a total of 60 pieces to sell. How many pies did the club make?



At a restaurant, Mike and his three friends decided to divide the bill evenly. If each person paid $13 then what was the total bill?



Pronounce the following word:


Teacher's opinion


Imani spent half of her weekly allowance playing mini-golf. To earn more money her parents let her wash the car for $4. What is her weekly allowance if she ended with $12?



How many cats does Teacher Emily have? 



If the sum of the smallest and largest of three consecutive even numbers is 28, what is the value of the second largest number in the series?

The three numbers would be

x, x+2, and x+4.

Add the first and third value and you get




The second largest value is x+2=14.


The sum of three consecutive numbers is 72. What are the smallest of these numbers?



Aliyah had some candy to give to her four children. She first took ten pieces for herself and then evenly divided the rest among her children. Each child received two pieces. With how many pieces did she start?



Kristin spent $131 on shirts. Fancy shirts cost $28 and plain shirts cost $15. If she bought a total of 7 then how many of each kind did she buy?

2 fancy shirts and 5 plain shirts


If David wants to drive to his friend's house, which is 450 miles away, in 6 hours, what is the average speed David has to drive at?


Plug in the the values for distance and time, and solve for rate.






Two inlet pipes lead into a large water tank. One pipe can fill the tank in 45 minutes; the other can fill it in 40 minutes. To the nearest tenth of a minute, how long would it take the two pipes together to fill the tank if both were opened at the same time?



Jill sold half of her comic books and then bought sixteen more. She now has 36. With how many did she begin?



A class of 195 students went on a field trip. They took 7 vehicles, some cars and some buses. Find the number of cars and the number of buses they took if each car holds 5 students and each bus hold 45 students.

3 cars and 4 buses


One person from your team must balance on one foot with their eyes closed. If this person loses balance before the problem is solved, you receive zero points.

Here's the problem:

Michael scores a 95, 87, 85, 93, and a 94 on his first 5 math tests. If he wants a 90 average, what must he score on the final math test?

Add the five past test scores and you get 454. Then set up an algebraic equation where you add 454 to x, which is the final test score, and divide by six, because you want the average for 6 tests now. You make this equation equal to 90 because that is the average Michael wants and solve for x:





Your team must do a total of 30 pushups before attempting to answer the following problem:

Greg is trying to fill a 16 oz. bottle with water. If Greg fills the bottle at 1 oz per second and the bottle leaks .2 oz per second, how long would it take for Greg to fill the bottle?

Correct answer:

20 seconds


You first find the rate at which the bottle is being filled at, which is  


Then you divide the entire bottle, which is 16oz. by the rate of .8oz, and you get 20 seconds.


(Each person from your team must complete twenty sit-ups in order to receive the full points)

 For a field trip 4 students rode in cars and the rest filled nine buses. How many students were in each bus if 472 students were on the trip?



(every team member must hop on one foot while attempting to solve this problem)

John and Julie represented West High in a math contest. John outscored Julie by 16 points; as a team, they scored 80 points.

David and Dana represented East High in the same contest. Dana outscored David by 10 points; as a team, they scored 60 points.

Arrange the four students from highest score to lowest score. 

John, Dana, Julie, David


Let Julie's score be . Then John's score was . Since the sum of their scores was 80,

Julie scored 32, and John scored 16 higher, or 48.

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