Drama Conventions
TEEL Writing
Who Said What?

What is an Aside? 

A remark made to the audience only. 


Explain what a topic sentence is used for. 

Introduction for the reader. Outlines the main idea of the paragraph. Needs to be precise—1 sentence long.


"And he said it was of the opinion of Mr A.O Neville that us children be put in the care of Native Welfare and be sent to a mission. Mum said over her dead body and told him to get moving out of our yard" (p.42-43).



What is a Flashback? 

Acting out an event from the past 


Explain how/why evidence should be used in TEEL structure. 

Use facts, figures, research and data to back up my point of view. This increases my reliability. Should be 2-3 sentences long. 


"And you can tell Mr Neville he might be your boss, but he ain't mine" (p.43).



Describe Dot in two words. 

Strong-willed and aggressive. 

What is the main conflict in the play? 

The Davis family struggles to stay together while the fingers of the Australian Government trying to reach in prise them apart. 


What is a Flash Forward? 

Acting out an event in the future.

Explain how/why Explanation should be used as part of TEEL structure. 

This explains why I chose the evidence and how it helps support my main idea. Assume the reader knows nothing. 2-3 sentences long. 


"These children attend the state school at Yarloop and I'm sure their presence is objectionable to some people" (p.29).

Constable O'Brien 


Describe Alice Davis in three words.

Strong, resilient and determined. 


Provide a quick summary of what the play is about. 

Aliwa is the incredible story of three Aboriginal sisters who, held together by their mother's love and determination, battled ignorance, prejudice and patronising interference. 

What is a monologue? 

When a character speaks their thoughts/feelings aloud. 

Explain how a linking sentence should be done. 

Freshly restates the topic sentence (to really drive home my point). 


"It's a small town, Mrs Davis, and some people think – rightly or wrongly – some people are not happy about having a native family here in the town, let alone taking up one of the jobs at the mill" (p.20). 

Teacher/Miss O'Connor


What is the purpose of TEEL paragraph writing? 

the TEEL structure provides you with an organised method for getting your point across. Using the TEEL structure can help show your reader that you are able to clearly analyse and respond to a given text and question.


"The children are in constant association with the white boys and girls of Yarloop and I do not think that it is in the best interests of either white children or the Davis children, that this association should be permitted to continue" (p.38).

Chief Protector of Aborigines - A.O Neville
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