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La mascota de la preparatoria es un puma.

Cual es la mascota de la preparatoria de Weed?

This refers to one 6-week term of the school year.

What is a marking period?

Each Marking period is 6 weeks in length and there are usually 3 marking periods in a semester: 


How many credits are needed to graduate from High School? 

What is 20 credits.


What is the test that all sophomore take to help prepare them for the SAT exam?

What is PSAT?he PSAT (Preliminary SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a test designed to help high school sophomores and juniors prepare for the SAT. The PSAT can also gauge your aptitude for other national tests and inform which areas you'll need to focus your studying on.


This refers to one-half of the school year, made up of two quarters.

What is a semester?


What is the name or term for the classes that you get to choose to take, that are not considered core classes?

What are Electives?


What is the name of the book that students can use to look up general information and policy for WHS?

What is the Student Handbook ?


What does the acronym GPA means? 

What is Grade Point Average?


What is the state assessment students take in the spring of their junior year?

What is SAT? 

Scholastic Aptitude Test: a test taken in the U.S. to measure students' abilities before they go to college.


How many 9 weeks are in a semester?

Fall semester: 17 weeks. Spring semester: 17 weeks. Summer semester: 8-9 weeks.

This federally funded program allows high school students to take summer college courses and go on college tours and trips all free of charge

What is Upward Bound. 


What is the name of students that graduate after 7 semesters instead of the full 8 semesters?

What is Early Graduate?


What is ELA?

What is English Language Arts: 

A core course of instruction in an elementary or secondary school where students develop listening, speaking, reading, composition, grammar, and spelling skills in English.


Students that plan to go to college fill this application out their senior year to help see if they can get financial aid with college expenses?

What is FAFSA? Free Application for Federal Student Aid


What are Fall sports?

What is: Softball,Volleyball Girls, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football ,Golf Boys, Poms, Soccer Boys, Tennis Boys, Unified Cheer


This is the number of English Language Arts classes required to graduate from high school with a diploma.

What is 4?


This is the number of mathematics credits required to graduate from high school with a diploma.

What is 3- but most colleges require 4! 


This is the number of Science classes and Social Studies classes required to graduate from high school? 

What is 3 credits for Science and 3 credits for Social Studies.


What are credits in high school?

Credits are one of the primary methods used to determine and document that students have met academic requirements, generally at the high school level. 
Credits are awarded upon completing and passing a course or required school program


What are Winter Sports?

What is 

Basketball Boys       Basketball Girls

 Ice Hockey       Swimming Girls

 Wrestling Boys      Wrestling Girls 

Poms                  Unified Basketball



This is the term given to courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

What is Dual Enrollment.


This is similar group of classes that students take in the same subject area towards a specific career.

What is a Pathway?


Where can I go for extra help and peer math tutoring? 

during the summer, tutoring is in mills hall rm. 133 after classes end. 3:30-5:00

during the school year it is tba. it will be on campus though from 3:30 - 5:30


What does a division 1 school require for student-athletes? 

To study at a division 1 school you must earn 16 NCAA- approved core-courses. That is 4 English, 3 math, 2 science, 2 social studies, and 4 additional courses. 

You must have a test score and a minimum GPA of 2.5. 



What are the Spring Sports

What is: 

Volleyball Boys        Soccer Boys 

Track and Field      Swimming Boys     

   Baseball         Golf Girls 

Lacrosse         Soccer Girls 

Tennis Girls