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What is your school counselor's name?

Who is Ms. De Jesus?


True or False: School counselors do not like to help students.



True or False: I am in big trouble if I have to see the school counselor?

False! Students are not in trouble when they have to see Ms. Ahmed.


What can you do if you are feeling sad?

Talk to the school counselor or another trusted adult, spend time with friends, do something that you enjoy, and journal.


Which of the following is false: 

A) Your school counselor will listen to you without judgment.

B) If your teacher asks you to visit with the school counselor, it must mean that you are in trouble.

C)Your school counselor works with teachers and parents to better help and support students. 

The correct answer is B!


Where is the school counselor's office located?



Teachers and parents may request that the counselor invite a student in for an individual counseling session.



True or False: Ms. De Jesus is available to speak with any student throughout the day.

True: Ms. De Jesus is here to help any student that needs her assistance. 


Is it okay to get angry?

Yes. Everyone gets angry. It is what you do with your anger that is important.


Ture or False- Ms. De Jesus comes to your class to lecture you about boring things.

False! Ms. De Jesus comes to your class to teach you about important topics in fun ways!


Your school counselor only helps students who are dealing with major problems like a death in the family or parents divorcing.

False.  The school counselor is there for all students to help them navigate through not just small, medium, and big sized problems, but also loves to celebrate the good things happening in students’ lives too!


Yes or No. Ms. De Jesus is allowed to tell your teacher and friends what you talk about in his office.

No! What you tell Ms. De Jesus will stay with him unless you are in danger, someone else is in danger, or you give him permission to share with others. This is known as confidentiality. 


Ture or False: When you talk to your school counselor, they will keep your information private and confidential unless -you are being hurt, -you want to hurt yourself, -you want to hurt someone else,  or -you give permission to share.

True: This is called CONFIDENTIALTY.


True or False: Ms. De Jesus will only meet with students the teacher asks her to.

False: Ms. De Jesus meets the needs of all students.


True or False: Ms. De Jesus wants you to SOAR while you are in class?

True! Self-Control - Ownership - Appreciate Others - Respect


What days of the week is the counselor at my school?

What is everyday?


Your school counselor will always tell your parents, teacher and/or school principal what you talk about with them.

False.   Your school counselor will only share information with others if -you are being hurt, -someone else is getting hurt, -you want to hurt yourself…or you give permission to share.  The school counselor might also encourage you to communicate important information to people who can support you.


Why is it important to attend school every day?

To make sure you don't miss anything, and to develop healthy social skills.


What is confidentiality mean in school counseling?

To keep a secret unless someone is hurting you or you want to hurt yourself, or someone else.

Also, if you give me permission to share with someone else.


True or False: Ms. De Jesus will meet with only "bad" kids.

False! Ms. De Jesus wants to help ALL students strive academically, socially, and emotionally - and believes there is no such thing as "bad" kids.


If you need to talk with your school counselor, what can you do?

-Ask your teacher if they can help you set up an appointment to see your school counselor.

-Send a message through Google classroom and wait for your school counselor to get in contact with you.

-Walk right into your school counselor’s office and expect that they will be able to talk with you then and there.


What does it mean to SOAR at Mott Hall?

By practicing:



Appreciate Others 



Why is it important to always try your best?

So you can be successful, it feels good to know that you tried your best.


True or False: Being organized is an important skill to be successful in summer school and regular school?

True: It's important so you can quickly find things, and makes you the student ready to be engaged in class.  


True or False: Ms. De Jesus will tell you how to study.

False! I love working with students, talking with students, and encouraging students to problem-solving within their daily learning. This includes finding the best ways way for you to study.

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