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Who is my 4 great grandparents? Mom's side

Yoseph Malhi, Leah Malhi, Heinz Lewinski, Ilse Flora Lewinski


What is my family recipe?

Iraqi Kichri. It is a yellow-rice dish, made from lentils. 


When did my Father, Ram Avraham Mishaal be born?

July 26th, 1978


What is my full name, and the other 3 people in my family, too.

Me: Alma Mishaal,

Sister: Tamar Mishaal

Mom: Galit Kineret Lewinski Mishaal

Dad: Ram Avraham (Avraham at birth) Mishaal 


Who moved to Canada in 2016?

Ram Avraham Mishaal, Galit Kineret Lewinski Mishaal, Tamar Mishaal, & Alma Mishaal. 


Why does my aunt, Gal Mishaal have an engagment ring on her name?

She in engaged and is getting married in September


When does the necklace go back to? Where?

1930s and 40s in Germany.


What happend in the Family in the early 2000s?

David Mishaal dies, and Ram Avraham Mishaal & Galt Kineret Lewinski Mishaal marry.


Who or what am I named after?

The main character (A 14 year old girl) in the book תולדות האהבה' named Alma


What 2 couples moved from Iraq on the same year?

Avraham Segman, Saida Segman, David Mishaal, and Daisy Mishaal


In what date was Esther Malhi (Now Lewinski) born?

March 7th, 1943


What generations does the recipe go back to?

My great great grandmother, who gave it to my great grandmother, who gave it to my grandmother, who gave it to my mother.


What happend in Jewdiesm when Yoseph Malhi was born?

The National Council of Jewish Women founded in Chicago in 1893


The 5 groups that make up my identity.

Israeli, Canadian, Camp Miriam Camper, Jewish, Student


Where are the 2 places that my maternal great - grandparents came from?

Germany and Poland


What year did Avraham Segman, Dalia (The interviewee)'s Father die?

In 1971


What are the spices used in my family recipe?

Turmeric (כורכום), Salt and Pepper (מלח ופלפל), and cumin (כמון)


What happend in 1930s in my family?

Heinz Lewinski and Illse Flora Lewinski come to Israel in 1933. Also, Uri Haim Lewinski is born on November 30th, 1937. 


What does my last name mean?

The name Mishaal, before it was changed in Isreal, meant torch. 


What is my Jewish quote?

אם אין אני לי מי לי? וכשאני לעצמי, מה אני? ואם לא עכשיו, אמתי?


What is the last sentence in my essay?

Dalia's life has been so unimaginable and momentous, I am so proud to interview her.


What are my artifacts? Add a brief summary

1 - Necklace. It was once a clip, but my great grandmother made it into 4 necklaces for generations to come

2- My great grandmother's jewellery box. It was hers. She had a great sense of style. My mom found it when she was looking in my grandparents apartment


What happend in Jewdiesm the same year that Avraham Segman died?

A mass immigration of Soviet Jews begins in 1971


What is in my Israeli and Canadian groups?

Israeli - I speak Hebrew, I love Israeli food, I love Israeli songs

Canadian - English, Mannerisms, I love Starbucks


What is my family saying and what does it mean?

My grandmother said it when she felt like people where laughing at the way she does things. It is תצחקו תצחקו על אמא שלכם

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