Restraining Anger
How to avoid

True or False: Allah loves the Khadimeen al Ghayd.



Who is anger from, according to the Holy Prophet?



What is one characteristic we should try to adapt from Allah when angry?

Be forgiving like Him, because He is Al-Ghafoor.


What is meant by anger, and what is meant by restraining it?

Anger is when you feel upset of someone else whether they wronged you or not. To restrain it is to be patient and not explode with anger even when you can express it.


True or False: It is harder to control your anger than to lift extremely heavy weights.



Why do we do wudhu to control anger?

Anger is from Iblees who is a jinn (from fire), and water puts out the fire, so doing wudhu extinguishes the fire of anger.


What has the Holy Prophet said about those who restrain their anger?

Allah will fill their hearts with iman and peace.


Anger can cause you to enter Jahannam for it is the key to all evils. What is the worst of punishments in the hellfire.

The Wrath and "Anger" of Allah (SWT).


Who has told us to sit when standing and lie down when sitting when we are angry.

Ameerul Mumineen.


What are the 3 qualities of the believers mentioned in Surah Aali Imran verse 134?

Those who spend in the cause of Allah, restrain their anger, and pardon the people.

Translation: Those who spend in the cause of Allah during ease and hardship and who restrain their anger and who pardon people- and Allah loves the doers of good.


How does not restraining anger make us like animals?

We can throw our anger on others even if there is no reason for doing so when it becomes a habit.


What does Allah tell us to do when angry and why?

Remember Him so He will remember us and save us from His Wrath.


What are some benefits of controlling Ghadab?

-People will enjoy being in your presence.

-Protects you from committing other sins.

-Helps us keep away from ignorance.


Name 3 consequences of anger

-Weakens Iman

-Stops us from thinking rationally

-Is the key to all evil

-Makes us human beings worthless.



Name 3 ways to avoid anger

-Do wudhu

-Sit down when standing or lie down when sitting.

-Remember Allah (SWT) at all times.