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The fact this mammal has webbed wings
Makes it a one of a kind,
And contrary to the saying
None of these creatures are blind!

A bat


This can provide meat that you would eat, 

can be with different colors, but specially pink.

A pig


It’s a very common pet
A baby is called a kitten
The number of lives it has
Is said to be nine.

A cat


This animal can be quite long, and a lot of people don't like

It can have deadly venom though so, beware because it bites. 

A snake


Some are found in Africa and some are found in India.

They have trunks and skin that's gray and big ears with which to hear.



This is a big animal, Africa is where it is born. 

It has thick gray, scaly skin and on its head, there is a horn.

A rhino


This little bird can be eaten
Breaded, roasted, boiled or fried
And why did it cross the road to get to the other side?

A chicken

I’m a pet with four legs
And a tail at the end
You might hear me barking
And I’m known as man’s best friend

A dog


It is a small animal and it has a long tail and four legs. It can run fast and usually lives in warm places.

A lizard


I like to use my long tongue to eat leaves from tops of trees. 

I don't have to climb up though, with my long neck it's a breeze. 

A giraffe


I live in the arctic circle and I have fur that is white.

I live in iced water and have a very strong bite. 

A polar bear


You might find these in a field
If they have horns I’d be wary
The females produce white stuff
That gets classified as dairy

A cow


I travel very slowly
When gliding along the ground
Maybe my shell weighs me down
In your garden I am found

A snail


I have a very big bite but I do not ever bark.

I swim out in the ocean, during the light and the dark.

A shark


I live in Asia and I have a black and white fur.

I'm a kind of mammal who loves to eat bamboo.

A panda


We hang upside down on tree branches all day.

We love to sleep and move at a slow pace.



This animal eats grass and it is very fast. You can find it in many places and sometimes it runs at the races.

A horse


This is a type of animal with a bushy tail so cute,
It likes to climb trees and loves collecting nuts

A squirrel


I like to hop around
I’m a tadpole when I’m young
I am green and I croak
And catch flies with my long tongue

A frog

My wings are used as flippers so, in water I can flow. 

Sometimes when on land I slide on my belly in the snow.

A penguin


We are different types of the same being. We can be marmoset or capuchin, macaque, spider, baboon or tamarin.



There’s lots of me at Thanksgiving
But you don’t want me to be wasted
Because my meat’s really juicy
Just so long as I have been basted

A turkey


This is something that can fly
Although it is not a kite
It’s an annoying insect
Which is small and likes to bite

A mosquito


I'm a carp, herring or salmon,
Flounder, trout or anchovies
Maybe sole or tuna, the well-known.

A fish

I'm a being whose coloring is unusual in birds

I stand on one leg while eat crustaceans and seaweed. 

A flamingo