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Additional Questions

What part of the world are the Native Americans originally from? 

What conditions existed that enable them migrate to the Americas?

Native Americans are from Kazakhstan, Northeast Asia, Siberia.

Native Americans traveled to the Americas from Asia on the ice bridge through the Bering strait. The icy conditions in both Asia and Americas enable them to travel from one continent to another.


What is the Columbian Exchange?

Describe the process of exchange?

Columbian Exchange is the transfer of plants, animals, disease, and technology between the Old World from which Columbus came and the New World which he found.

Europeans brought African slaves to the New World to cultivate and harvest tobacco, pumpkin, potatoes, and tomatoes. Also, Europeans brought cattle and horses from Europe to the New World for transportation of goods and assist human labor (plowing fields).


Corporate entities that has obtained a legal charter to settle a colony in the name of England or the Netherlands for a set period with the eventual goal of state administration is called.

What are the characteristics of this company?

A chartered company

  • They were established by royal charter.
  • They publicly traded stocks.
  • They operated monopolies over regions or trade goods

In which state was the first English colony established?

Virginia or Virginia Colony


What is Imperialism?

the policy of extending a country's power into other territories or gaining control over another country's politics or economics


What is the staple crop that Native Americans began to cultivate?

What is Maize?


Which European nation first attained world power status from colonization in the New World?



Provide name of the chartered company and mother country as an example.

Netherlands-Dutch East India Company

England- Virginia or British East India Company


What was the Native American view on landownership?

Native Americans did not recognize private property, instead operating on a common land philosophy moving where they needed for resources.

This was known as common land in which a tribe or confederacy was granted free access to swathes of land.


What is the primary purpose of mercantilism?

accumulate as many resources and wealth as possible at the expense of its rivals


How many tribes are within the Iroquois Confederacy?

Why was it formed?

It started with 5 and eventually another tribe was added to make it six.

It was formed to put an end to inter-tribal conflict because wars were costly with the loss of men and resources.


Who are the conquistadors?

What did they establish in the New World?

Spanish conquerers who established colonies in Central and South America.


The act of state control of trade with the hopes of bolstered and increasing state power at the expense of rival states is called 



In Native American culture, name the system that enable women pass ancestral names from generation to another and play an influential role in society and especially tribal politics

Women through matriarchal society


What are caravels?

How did this impact European society?

Caravel, a light sailing ship of the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries in Europe, much-used by the Spanish and Portuguese for long voyages.


What is the encomienda system?

Which ethnic groups were involved in the system?

The encomienda system was a form of forced and unpaid labour used by Spanish authorities and settlers in the colonies of the Spanish Empire. Spanish conquerers provided military protection and religious instruction in exchange for harvesting of natural resources such as gold, silver, and crops

Spanish and Native Americans were participants in this system.


The encouraging the exportation of goods for tender, and the discouraging of imported goods through the use of expensive tariffs is known as



What were the tasks of Native American men?

Hunting, labor tasks and combat


What motivated European nations to explore other trade routes or areas in the world?

The three G's: 

God-spreading Christianity to indigenous nations after conquest.

Gold-acquiring more wealth for the mother country

Glory-expand its influence and culture throughout the world.


Describe the racial caste system that emerged from Spanish colonization

Peninsglares-Spanish born

Criollos- Spanish born in the Americas

Mestizos-Part European/Native American

Mulatto-Part European/African

Zambos -Pure African or Native American


What is colonization?

the act of taking control of an area or a country that is not your own, especially using force, and sending people from your own country to live there.


Describe the Native American relationship with the English, Dutch, and French.

These nations established royal chartered/joint-stock companies and established trade relations with the Native Americans.

For example, Native Americans hunted and traded Beaver fur for European goods such as steel axes, picks, nails, and guns.

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