Stuff to Know

Everyone needs some of this & few people are good at it. you have a friend that is always late? That friend might need.....

 Time Management

Talent Search Program helps you gain these skills.

Examples: Upcycle Fashion Show


Full time in college vs. Part-Time 

Full time=12 credits +

Part-time=11 credits and less

(need to take 6 credits to get financial aid)

TS helps you understand all of this-plus we have tutoring!


The top 3 skills that employers seek in today's labor market are:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Teamwork and collaboration.
  • Professionalism and strong work ethic.
  • Oral and written communications skills.
  • Leadership.

TS helps you gain skills & learn how to talk about them too.


This is how we pay for College.

Financial Aid

TS-we help with this: FAFSA, PHEAA, Scholarships, Student Loans-all of it.


This is the highest paid Engineer. 

According to Forbes for 2023:

Petroleum Engineers$145,7202

Computer Hardware Engineers$136,2303

Aerospace Engineers$122,9704

Chemical Engineers$121,840

but-you need to research location too

TS: Career Exploration in Engineering Expectations


When should you start to set your Goals?

Right Now!   & Edit often

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."


How many hours a week are you in class for a 3-credit class?

3-one hour per credit

Example: 15 credits=15 hours per week in class


Name at least 2 things to remember in a job interview.

Be on time or early, show enthusiasm, make eye contact, listen well, act friendly, good body language, communicate clearly and be yourself.


Mock Interview Practice

The Big Interview 


Admissions criteria for many colleges/universities include required & recommended things. Name 1...

GPA Range  of... depends on the school

Class Rank

Standardized Test Scores

College Prep Courses



Ts helps with Common App, Essay writing, college apps, basically all of it.

With some of our activities-you can build portfolio pieces:


Nursing profession that does not require a degree-it is a licensed profession.

LPN-Licensed Practical Nurse

schooling is 52 weeks average salary: $47,470

Next level: Registered Nurse (ASN)

then: Bachelor Degree RN (BSN)

Career Exploration in Health Careers & Medical Mentorship Mondays 


When should you select your college major?

When you are certain.

TS helps you explore college majors & gain an understanding of the Academics too.

Look at College Catalogs


Sports in College has several levels or Divisions. Name one.

D 1, D2, D3 or Junior College Level

Some even have "intermural." 

TS helps you connect with coaches-can help with the NCAA registration too

NCAA D1 & D2 have rules-need to know them to stay compliant


Employment Benefits are above your salary-can you name one "Benefit"?

Health Insurance

Paid-time off (PTO)

Paid Holidays


Tuition Reimbursement or Scholarships

Life Insurance


This state school has the smallest number of enrollments of all the PA state schools and was the nation's first Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

Cheyney University


For this profession you need to complete a Bachelor Degree & a Professional degree and pass the Bar Exam.


4 year Bachelor Degree + 3 years of Law School

Test to get into Law School is the LSAT

TS has Career Exploration in Criminal Justice 


Which, if any, of these three pieces of the hiring process: resume/application, interview, and pre-employment testing is most important?

All are equal.

TS helps with all of them.

Rule: make sure that all 3 connect-Resume to the Interview have it flow. 


An apprenticeship is:

FREE training provided by a Union to become a journeyman

TS has the list of ALL Apprenticeship programs!



Work Study Employment is:

Jobs while you are a college student. Can be on campus-or in the community. Federal & State

TS is a community work study partner.


This College Application can be used to apply to over 400 colleges & universities.

Common App

Never pay the fee-you are eligible for it to be waived save $$$


HVAC stands for:

Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning

Average salary: $48,220


How do you determine which College to attend?

Research. Research. College Visit. Research. 

TS does a lot of College visits.


A training program that you can do for FREE while in High School.

Vo-Tech/Career Tech


Entrepreneurs are:

Business owners, inventors, have side "gigs".

Interested in learning these skills?

TS has a lot of options:

Oct. 1st-Craft Fair 

Spring-Upcycle Fashion Show

Business Careers Exploration Program


This type of college admits everyone with a HS Diploma

Open Enrollment School

(Examples: Community Colleges & Lackawanna College)  Keep in mind that some programs may have other admission criteria & be "competitive" 


This is a specialized part of Culinary Arts-involves sweets.

Pastry Chef

TS Career Exploration in Pastry Arts

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