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the art and science of reasoning well

What is Logic?


A major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion.

What are the 3 parts of a syllogism?


Don't listen to him. He is a no-good, dirty, rotten scoundrel.

This ad fontem argument is translated "to the man" and attemps to avoid the issue by insulting an opponent with abusive language rather than focusing on the merits of the argument under consideration. 

What is ad hominem abusive?


Before we begin this meeting-where we will be deciding important things-I would like to remind you who is the boss and who signs the paychecks. 

This fallacy is an appeal to emotion that distracts by making the audience afraid of the consequences of disagreeing with the speaker. This fallacy seeks to around fear of harm that is not realistic or related to the issue at hand. Called the argumentum ad baculum ("argument to the stick") in Latin.

What is appeal to fear?


Son: Why can't I go see The Day of the Spatulas with my friends?

Dad: Because January 1st falls on a Wednesday this year.

A red herring argument that attempts to disprove an opponent's position by presenting it in an unfair, inaccurate light. 

What is a straw man fallacy?


An occurrence of bad or incorrect reasoning

What is a Logical Fallacy?


This is what we always want to stay focused on seeking and finding in an argument.

What is truth? 


This ad fontem argument states that an idea or belief should be discounted simply because of its source or origin.  From the Greek word genesis, meaning "origin."

What is genetic fallacy?


Are you a rising young executive? Our line of luxury hotels caters to people with a taste for the better things in life.

This fallacy is an appeal to emotion that distracts by playing on a person's desire to feel "special." This is an emotional appeal to a sense of elitism or discriminating taste.

What is Snob Appeal?


There must be life on Mars. I've never seen a single shred of evidence that proves there is no life there.

A red herring argument that claims that since a proposition cannot be disproven, it must therefore be true or likely.

What is appeal to ignorance? 


This is the first question you should ask yourself when you are presented with an argument.

What is the issue at hand?


One of the greatest philosophers.

Who is Socrates?

From the Latin phrase that means "you too" an ad fontem argument that assumes that a rival's recommendation should be discounted because the rival does not always follow it himself. 

What is Tu Quoque?


Teacher, please give me a good grade. If I don't pass, my dad says I can't leave the house for a month.

This fallacy is an appeal to emotion that distracts by making the audience feel sorry for the speaker or someone on behalf of whom the speaker is arguing. This fallacy appeals to our sense of compassion. 

What is appeal to pity?


A red herring argument that distracts by measuring a plan or policy according to goals it wasn't intended to achieve.

What is irrelevant goals or functions?


Arguments that mean "to or from the fountain" or are also sometimes called "personal attacks."

What are ad fontem arguments?


Socrates was a mentor to this famous philosopher.

Who is Plato?


From the Latin phrase meaning "to the man" an ad fontem argument that tries to discredit an opponent (a person or organization) because of his/her/its background, affiliations, or self interest in the matter at hand. 

What is ad hominem circumstantial?


This fallacy is an appeal to emotion that distracts by making the audience want to be a part of the crowd or one of the "common people." To make up for a lack of solid evidence and sound reason, this argument appeals to the emotions of a crowd, the desire to be part of the majority, or the interests of the "common man."

What is mob appeal?


A red herring argument that distracts by introducing a related but different issue and making a case for the new issue, not the original one. 

What is irrelevant thesis?


A three-statement deductive argument.  

What is a syllogism?


Finish this syllogism. 

All birds have wings.

A cardinal is a bird.


What is "A cardinal has wings?"


This is an example of which fallacy..."What! You're telling me to go on a diet? What about you? You're the one that needs to lose weight.

What is tu quoque?


This fallacy is an appeal to emotion that distracts the listener by citing an illegitimate authority and attempting to shame him into agreement. 

What is appeal to illegitimate authority?


Draw this fallacy that people create because it is easy to "knock down."

What is strawman fallacy?