Consequences and Predictions
Making Inferences
Point of View and Bias
Solutions and Evidence
Relevance and Correlation

What is a logical reaction?

What is when you react to something by thinking and trying to figure out the solution to the problem?


What is an inference? 

An inference is an educated guess using evidence and background knowledge


What is Point of View?

Point of view is seeing things from the perspective of others


What is a solution?

a solution is an answer or a way to fix a problem

what does relevant mean? 

relevant means that something is on topic or related to the topic


What is an emotional reaction?

What is when you react to a problem by showing emotions and feelings without thinking?


why is is important to make inferences?

it's important to make inferences because we will get a deeper understanding of things and it will help us solve problems


What is the difference between first person and third person? 

first person is when the author is telling the story (uses words like I, my, our) 

third person is when the author is not in the story (uses words like he, she, they)


Why is it important to have more than one  solution to a problem?

it's important to have more than one solution to a problem because you will have a better chance at solving it


what does irrelevant mean?

irrelevant means that something is off topic or not related to the topic


Give an example of an emotional reaction

Crying when something doesn't go your way or hitting someone because you're upset


What does groupthink mean? Give me an example of groupthink.

Groupthink means that you want to do something else but you go along with the group instead of speaking up for yourself

One example of groupthink is choosing not to voice your opinion about the school dress code because your classmates all have an opposite opinion.


What happens when we don't understand the perspective of others? 

When we don't understand the perspective of others things may be unclear and misunderstood


Why is it important to use evidence? 

it is important tp use evidence because it will help us understand things better and provide credible reasoning. 


What is the difference between reliable and valid?

Reliable is when you can depend on it and valid is when you know it is true or it is supported by evidence


give an example of a logical reaction

stopping to think and communicating about the problem


what is the difference between fact and opinion?

A fact is something that is proven to be true supported by evidence and an opinion is how someone feels and thinks


What does bias mean? Give one example of bias.

Bias is when you are not being fair or judging someone or something without having enough information

one example of bias is voting your friend for class president instead of voting for the person you agree with


What does self-imposed constraint mean? Give me an example of self-imposed constraint.

Self-imposed constraint is a personal belief that limits or controls what you can do. 

One example of self-imposed constraint is wanting to perform in the school talent show but not doing it because your friends say it wasn't cool


What does correlation mean?

Correlation means that there is a connection or relationship between two things


What is the difference between an intended consequence and an unintended consequence? 

An intended consequence is something you expect to happen and an unintended consequence is when you don't expect something to happen


What is the difference between a rumor and a conjecture?

a rumor is something that is spread around it can be true or false and a conjecture is an educated guess based on evidence

What does status quo bias mean? Give one example of status quo bias.

status quo bias means you like things to stat the same and you don't want to change

one example of status quo bias is eating pepperoni pizza every Friday because it's your favorite


what does corroboration mean?

corroboration means to support with evidence


Kadyn notices that as the temperature outside increases the sales of popsicles increases. Are these two things correlated? Why?

These two things are correlated because there is a connection between higher temperatures and more popsicle sales