How many hidden Mickey's are there in the Google Classroom?

1 easy + 1 hard = 2 Mickey's


I get chopped, decorated and on one end you’ll see a shining star on top.

What am I?

A Christmas Tree


How Many Lego sets are there?

a) 1

b) 1,000

c) more than 4 billion

d) about 200

C) More Than 4 Billion


What is an igloo made out of?


An igloo (or iglu) is a shelter (a place for people to stay warm and dry) made from blocks of snow placed on top of each other, often in the shape of a dome (like half of a hollow ball).


What color is the Grinch?

a) green

b) blue

c) pink

d) brown

A) Green


What was the theme for last weeks activities?

Bonus +50 : What was the theme for last weeks Google Classroom?


Bonus : New Years Party


Has a jolly happy soul with a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal

Who am I?

Frosty the Snowman


How much was the most expensive Lego set?

a) $25,000

b) $600

c) $10,000

d) $4,000

C) $10,000


What temperature does water freeze?

a) 32 degrees

b) 36 degrees

c) 5 degrees

d) -5 degrees

A) 32 Degrees

When the temperature of the ground drops below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit), it freezes.


What are baby beavers called?

a) kittens or kits

b) baby beavers

c) cutticles

d) tail baby

A) Kittens or Kits


Name one Do and one Don't that we do/ don't do on Zoom

Some Examples:

Do - Be Prepared, Be on Time, Pay Attention, Follow Directions

Don't - Talk Over Others, Ignore the Instructors, Walk Around, Play on the Computer/ Watch TV while Online


If you put it together and then you decorate it. You’ll end up with a home you can eat off a plate.

What am I?

Bonus +25 : What country did this originate in?

Gingerbread House

Originated in Germany.


What country was Lego created?

a) Norway

b) Sweden

c) Denmark

Bonus +25 : What year was Lego founded?

a) 1897

b) 1932

c) 1738

C) Denmark

Bonus : B) 1932


How many snow crystals are on a single snowflake?

a) 6

b) 200

c) 100

d) 2

B) 200


How long can a whale go without eating?

a) 1 week

b) 30 days

c) 2 days

d) 3 months

D) 3 Months


If all of our students showed up on Zoom, not including Thursdays, how many students would we have?

a) 15

b) 25

c) 12

d) 18

A) 15


I am often long and thin and get held inside a stick. My outside is made of wax and inside there is a wick.

What am I?

Bonus +50 : Name 2 holidays that include these.


Holidays : Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa

Places : Ireland, India, China, Sweden 


Who created the Lego?

a) Bill Bob

b) Jim Brick

c) Ole Christiansen

d) Mel Lego

C) Ole Christiansen


What city on Earth does it snow the most?

a) Aomori City, Japan

b) Boston, United States

c) Lake Tahoe, United States

d) Sydney, Australia 

A) Aomori City, Japan

Aomori City in northern Japan receives more snowfall than any major city on the planet. Each year citizens are pummeled with 312 inches, or about 26 feet, of snow on average.


Was Play-Doh first sold as a wallpaper cleaner?



Name one other instructor from a different site and the location they are at.

Ms. Gabby and  Ms. Kyra = Grimmer

Ms. Brandy, Ms. Aseo, and Ms. Briana = Cabrillo


In the Kwanzaa tradition, gifts are given to children to what?

Gifts are given to educate and enrich the children -- they may include a book, a piece of art or an educational toy.


What is Legos original name?

a) Lego

b) leg godt

c) play well

d) brick stack fun 

B) Leg Godt


How tall is the tallest snow person?

a) 132

b) 68

c) 122

d) 88

C) 122

The tallest snow person was built in Olympia, Michigan in 2008. Olympia, is a 122-foot-tall snowwoman with eyelashes made of skis, lips made of car tires, a 100-foot-long scarf.


Which of these cars is NOT Italian?

a) Ferrari

b) Porsche

c) Lamborghini

d) Maserati

B) Porsche

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