Non Fiction
Text Structures

Does a prefix go at the beginning or the end of the word?



Bella likes to spend time with her friends. She likes to give them presents, spend time with them, and say nice things about that. What is a character trait that describes Bella?

a. Athletic

b. Brave

c. Selfish

d. Nice

d. Nice


This text feature tells us what page to find a chapter on.

Table of contents


When you want to know what the story was mainly about

Main Idea


The scientists need to investigate the science experiment before they start. What does investigate mean? 

Multiple responses: to look, to search, find, research 


Tell me the meaning of the word reuse.

To use again


Identify the point of view:

"When do we get to go to recess?" I asked. I was so excited to go to recess!

First person


Read this sentence.
“In college, he studied chemistry.” What does “chemistry” mean?

a. to win an award
b. a kind of science
c. magazine
d. to write science fiction

b. a kind of science


How a character acts, thinks, feels, or believes

character traits


Carla is trying to defend her friend. What is a synonym for "defend" 

Multiple answers: protect, help


Tell me the meaning of the word useful.

Full of use


Simile or metaphor?

She shined as bright as a star.



Find the main idea:

It is easy to make new friends at school! One way to make new friends is to be friendly by smiling and saying “Hello” when you meet someone for the first time. Another way to become friends with someone is by sharing your crayons or snack. Finally, you can invite someone new to play a game with you at recess. There are many different ways to meet new friends!

How to make new friends


Key words might be "as a result" "so" "an effect of that is..." What text structure uses this? 

cause and effect


The teacher was disagreeing with a student answer. What does the word disagree mean? 

to not agree, to think the opposite


Tell me the meaning of the word builder.

Someone who builds


The Crocodile

by: Lewis Carroll

How doth the little crocodile Improve his shining tail, And pour the waters of the Nile On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin! How neatly spread his claws, And welcomes little fishes in With gently smiling jaws!

How many stanzas are in this poem?



What is the author's purpose for each of these passages?

1. Inform

2. Entertain


To find the author's message or lesson they are trying to teach you 



Tell me 4 words that mean the SAME as big

Multiple student responses (huge, gigantic, high, etc.) 


Tell me the meaning of the word untouchable.

Not able to be touched

Identify the type of folktale, and identify the theme.

Fable; it is best to be prepared.


What text structure?

What is the difference between a frog and a toad? Although they belong to the same animal group, they are very different animals. They are both amphibians, which means they live on land and in water throughout their lives. They both lay eggs in water. Frogs and toads also eat in a similar way by using their long sticky tongues to catch insects. Also neither frogs nor toads will give you warts. That’s just a myth. However, there are many differences between these two animals. For instance, adult frogs spend most of their time in water. They have slim bodies and smooth skin. Frogs also have long back legs. Unlike frogs, toads live on land. Toads have plump bodies and rough skin. Instead of long legs, toads have short back legs.

a. compare/contrast

b. sequencing

c. historical fiction

d. cause/effect

a. compare/contrast


This structure involves characters that are having issues but work to find a possible fix to it 

Problem and solution 


Create your own sentence using the word "recognize". Your sentence must use the word correctly

Multiple student responses

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