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This black inventor found over 300 uses for peanuts

Who was George Washington Carver?


Who was the first black woman to go into space as the science mission specialist? 

Who was Mae Jemison?


In this netflix original, the head football coach died saving his player in a bus crash

What is All American? 


Finish the sentence "I'm not one of ....." 

What is "your lil friends"?


What song is "Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on, that's when you're the prettiest" from?

What is 'Best I Ever Had' By Drake?


Who was the first female millionaire to invent a homemade line of haircare products for black woman? 

Who was Madam CJ Walker?


What black female scientists is well known for her mathematical modeling of the Earth?

Who was Gladys West?

In what show did this young black character get in one little fight, making his mom scared?

What is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?


What does your mom say when shes really 10 minutes away with groceries?

What is "Outside"

Finish the lyrics: " Two white cups and I got that drink, it could be ..., it could be ...."

What is "purple & pink" 


What black inventor created traffic lights? 

Who was Garrett Morgan?


What black physician developed ways to process and store blood plasma in "blood banks"? 

Who was Charles Drew?


In what black 2011 movie did the maid feed her boss "special" chocolate pie as revenge before she quit? 

What is "The Help"? 


What does your mom say when she sees you doing the dishes? 

A: Good Job Honey

B: Make sure you do them dishes!!

C: Says thank you and gives you a hug

What is B? 


Rod wave, "Is it anybody out there, that got love for a..."

What is "thug"?


Which black inventor is the creator of the dry-cleaning process we still use today? 

Who was Thomas L. Jennings?

Who founded the non-profit organization known as "The California Homeopath"?

Who was William Boericke?


What 2006 black movie was big on roller skating? 

What is "ATL"? 


Your mom is cleaning while you're sitting on the couch, how will she react? 

What is "get mad and complain about how nobody helps around the house"? 

Finish the lyric: "she got hit now she stuck, she screaming out...." 

What is "Ahhh she couldnt get up"?


This black inventor is the reason grocery stores are able to buy and sell products from far distances without risk of them spoiling during transport

Who was Frederick McKinley Jones?


Was the host of the 2004 four-episode television series "Origins"

Who was Neil DeGrasse Tyson? 


In what 90's sitcom is the main character Dwayne Wayne

What is 'A Different World'?

When the soap is empty your mom will...

A: throw it out and buy more

B: tell you to use another one 

C: fill it up with water

What is "C"? 

What female rapper have you heard this verse from? "I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap?" 

Who is Nicki Minaj?