Major Battles
Key Figures
Washington's Leadership
The Culper Spy Ring
Road to Revolution (Causes)

Name the first battle of the American Revolution 

The Battle of Lexington and Concord, 1775

This individual served as President of the 2nd Continental Congress and was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. 

John Hancock


What war did Washington fight in before the American Revolution on the side of the British? 

The French and Indian War (Seven Year's War) 


What region did the Culper Spy Ring primarily operate? (Place) 

Long Island 

Why did Britain have a large amount of debt following 1763? 
Due to the expenses of the French and Indian War 

Name the last Battle of the American Revolution 

The Battle of Yorktown, 1781


This individual was a founder of the Sons of Liberty and his second cousin became the second President of the United States of America. 

Sam Adams 


This is the location where over 2000 men died during the brutal freezing winter. It is also where Washington was able to drill and organize his troops. 

Valley Forge 


Who was the leader of Washington's Culper Spy Ring? He later served as Washington's head of the Secret Service 

Benjamin Tallmadge 


What are the names of the laws the British Parliament passed to punish Boston for protests, like the Boston Tea Party? 

The Intolerable Acts (The Coercive Acts) 


George Washington led troops across the Deleware River into New Jersey on Christmas Night to place himself in a strategic location for this battle. 

The Battle of Trenton, 1776


This individual led at the Battle of Quebec and the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga. He later betrayed the United States. 

Benedict Arnold


What was the name of the Prussian military general that helped Washington to drill troops and organize the Continental Army? 

Fredrich Von Steuben

What was Woodhall's spy name? 

Samuel Culper

In 1770 Captain Preston and a group of Red Coats fired into a crowd of colonists in the ______________________. 

Boston Massacre


This battle was a major turning point because the French agreed to ally with the Continental Army after a decisive American victory. 

The Battle of Saratoga, 1777


Name one American who spent the Revolutionary War in France trying to convince their government to ally with the Continental Army. 

- Thomas Jefferson

- Benjamin Franklin

- John Adams 


What was Washington's most crushing defeat? (According to the Reading Through History assignment) 

The Battle of Long Island, 1776


Name one of the two British plots that the Culper Spy Ring was able to foil (or ruin). 

1) Revealing Benedict Arnold's treason

2) Uncovering a British plan to attack the newly arrived French Army at a location in Rhode Island


This document was created by the 2nd Continental Congress as a last attempt to avoid war and keep peace with Great Britain. 

The Olive Branch Petition


The Battle of Lexington and Concord is also referred to as the "_________________________."

"Shot heard round the world"


This person wrote a piece of Patriot propaganda called Common Sense 

Thomas Paine


What honor(s) did George Washington receive in 1787? 

1) He was asked to preside over and run the Constitutional Convention 

2) He was elected as the first President of the United States of America 


How did Anna Strong leave signals to the spy ring?

She would leave out certain patterns of laundry 


Name at least two (2) things that American colonists boycotted to protest the British leading up to the American Revolution. 


Cloth (Daughters of Liberty Homespun)