Beach Procedures
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Job Responsibilities
This is our beach!

What is the swim test at Coulon?

From one orange cone to the other and back. Arms completely out of the water, no stopping or pushing off the bottom.


A kid is drowning in the shallow area... how do I get out of tower 2 to enter the water? 

start down side ladder and jump onto sand pile to run out 

Rotating with purpose from station to station is called...

Happy Jog or Beach Jog


What items are not allowed in the Deep end of the swimming area? (name at least 3)

Lifejackets, inflatable floats, masks, fins, clothes on a swimmer...


How do we notify our coworkers that we are ok in the midst of a line search?

motion a fist lifting on top of head


Where do most rescues occur at the beach?

Adults crossing from shallow to deep


Can use a lock on your day use locker at either beach? 

Yes, but only if removed at the end of each day.


What time do we close the deep end at coulon?



Where do we begin looking when a missing child is first reported?

Scanning swimming area, playground, grass area...down guards spread out and look!


In which parking lot do we get to use the assigned staff parking spots? (specific name)

East Parking lot


What is our role as lifeguards when dealing with a patron who is intoxicated or dealing with an overdose?

call 911, monitor breathing/pulse and provide first aid as necessary. 


Do we enforce "no animals" rule at Coulon and/or Kennydale Beach Park?

No; unless they are in the sand or swim area then we strictly enforce the rule. 


What can we leave out/up at the end of our shift to use the next day at either beach? 



If the bacteria levels are too high in the swimming area to be open that day, what are the lifeguards on duty expected to do?

Answer patron questions and provide first aid


Can I set up my enclosed tent on the sand? If so, where?

No. No enclosed tents on the sand. Must be see through or partially open.

If nothing else, what would be most important information to have for fire department in a drowning emergency?

sight last seen
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