Sunglasses (Communication)
Sunshine (Customer Service)
Fireworks (Code Blue BLS)

For communication, this is the internal website used for HRH associates to access programs and connect associates.

What is the HUB?


This daily event provides an opportunity to develop our culture of patient safety

What is Safety Huddle?


This is called when a patient is unresponsive, not breathing, and\or does not have a pulse

What is a Code Blue in Danville or Brownsburg Hospitals, or 911 at all other locations?


One way to ensure privacy while using the Vocera

What is to use the earpiece when discussing any sensitive or patient information?


This is the name of the daily email that contains important information regarding events, happenings, construction, benefits information and/or updates.

What is HRH News?


This O2 mask is placed on the patient prior to covering their face with a sheet

What is a non-rebreather mask set at 15 L/min O2?


Our computerized handoff tool utilized before transfer of care to another area is called

What is Ticket to Ride?


This is completed when handling customer dissatisfaction, complaints, or problems.

What is Service Recovery?


These 4 things must be put on prior to initiating CPR in areas without a Code Cart

What are

1. Gloves

2. Mask

3. Gown 

4. N95 Mask


The new virtual platform HRH is using for meetings. You can click the link to join or call the phone number to join the meeting.

What is Teams?


What HRH value is highlighted in this video?


What is Respect?


This is the new airway used at HRH

What is an IGel?


The risk management reporting tool used to report events that should not be disclosed in clinical documentation

What is the Event Notification System?


Who sings this song


Who is Blake Shelton?


This is where the Code Cart is stationed during a Code Blue

What is outside of the room?

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