Rules to Know

Who are the two people that greet you in the front office?

Maria and Denise


Where can you go if you feel sick and who is the person you will see there?

The nurse's office and the helpful nurse's assistant is Mr. Lang


When is the last day of school?

June 10th


When and where can students turn in CORE compliments

Every Friday before or after school and at lunch in Ms. Munana's room.


What's the name of the group of 8th-grade students that helped the 6th-grade students when school first started?

WEB leaders


Who is the counselor for people with the last names beginning L-Z?

Ms. Goodwin


What is the place that is in charge of after school activities and who is the man in charge?

Sun school and the man in charge is Mr. Parker


How many minutes are there between classes?

Four minutes


What are students supposed to use as a pass to leave class?  How many passes can students use each quarter?

Students are supposed to use their planner as a pass and can only use it three times each quarter per class.


What are the names of three different affinity groups at Beaumont?

Black Student Union


Asian/Pacific Islander Club


Who is the counselor for people with the last names beginning A-K?

Ms. Inman


Where is the lost and found?

In the back corner of the cafeteria.


What can't happen the first and last 10 minutes of every period?

You can't leave class to go to your locker, the restroom, or get a drink.


What are three sugary things that are not allowed at Beaumont?

Gum, energy drinks, and soda.


Name at least four people that can help you if you need a break or someone to check-in with throughout the school day?

Ms. Schultz, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. Inman, and Mr. J


Who is the person that help you find good books to read and check out your textbooks in the library?

Ms. Mittelstadt


Where are the four girls' restrooms and four boy's restrooms?

Girls - downstairs in science wing, upstairs by health class, upstairs by 6th grade classes, by the art room

Boys - upstairs in 8th grade wing, upstairs in 6th grade wing, downstairs by math classes, by the art room


What is the class you will take 2nd semester instead of health?



What happens if you lose a library book or textbook?

You will have to pay to have it replaced.  If you don't return the book or pay the fine you will not receive your promotion certificate/diploma.


How many school dances are there in the school year and when are they?

Normally there are four dances that are on the last day of each far this year there are none.  Boo!


Who are the principal and the assistant principal?

Ms. Vimegnon and Ms. Arnold


Who is the student climate specialist, where is his office, and how does he help students?

Eric Johansson (Mr. J) has an office inside the main office by the staff breakroom.  He helps students to solve problems with other students or with teachers.  He is also in charge of lockers.


What can students receive if they are "caught" being organized, respectful, empathetic, or collaborating?

They can get a CORE compliment


What is Beaumont's cell phone policy?

No cell phone use before 3:45pm.

1st offense - Reminder to put it away

2nd offense - Teacher takes the phone and you pick it up at the end of the day

3rd offense - Teacher takes the phone, calls home, and your parent will need to come and pick it up


What are Beaumont's CORE values?

Collaboration, Organization, Respect, and Empathy

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