Name that Function
What should I do?

True or False.

Larry refuses to do his laundry. Staff tell him to please do his laundry and he can take a break. 

Is this an antecedent procedure? 

What is false. Occurs after the behavior of refusing.


Student is disrupting class by whistling whenever the teach asks a question about their reading assignment and the teacher corrects the student by telling him/her to stop. 

What is the antecedent, behavior, consequence? 

Antecedent - Reading assignment question

Behavior - whistling

Consequence - attention from teacher/possibly escaping the question


Oliver scratches an itch on his arm from poison ivy. 

What is the behavior?
What is the function? 

What is scratching his arm.

What is automatic or non-social function.

Justin is sitting on the couch picking his nose and his mother tells him to "stop picking your nose" 

What is the ABC?

Antecedent - not getting attention from caregiver or really has something in his nose

Behavior - picking his nose

Consequence - attention from caregiver and/or gets booger out of his nose. 


Erin throws the remote after Megan changes the channel. 

What is access to the TV show. 


Mike gets extra video game time after he completed his homework when his dad asked. 

Antecedent - dad asked to get homework done

Behavior - complete homework

Consequence - extra video game time

Stevie stays in bed after multiple prompts from staff to go to work.

What is escape


Give me an example of an ABC of ABA

Savannah looks at staff while she smears feces on the wall. 

What is attention.


Give me your own example of ABCs of ABA.


Annie throws a book across the room.

What is there is not enough information to determine the function of Annie's behavior. 

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