What does the acronym EPIC represent regarding an epic hero?

It stands for characteristics of an archetypical epic hero.


What is the definition of an epic poem?

A long narrative poem


The Anglo-Saxons were once ____ who believed in ____

Pagans / Many gods, lucky charms, and gems


“Hail, Hrothgar! …the days Of my youth have been filled with glory.” This quote best illustrates which EPIC hero trait?

Carries themselves with confidence


Rather than killing like her son, Grendel’s mother instead…

Uses her vengeance to kill the one warrior Hrothgar would miss the most


Once Beowulf was finally written down, it was used to …

Entertain readers and spread Christian values


The Anglo-Saxons loved using alliteration, kennings, and caesuras because…

These poetic devices made their stories sound good verbally.


“Cain’s clan, whom the creator had outlawed and condemned as outcasts” is mostly an example of which poetic device?



“Shut away from men; they split Into a thousand forms of evil—spirits And fiends, goblins, monsters, giants…” is mostly an example of which poetic device?



 What does Grendel hate the sound of?

The voices of men singing


Woe-walker, Mankind’s-enemy, and Shepherd of evil are all _______ to describe __________?



What does Grendel want to do when he first comes in contact with Beowulf?

Flee to his lair which is a sign of cowardice which the Anglo- Saxons did not value


“In his far-off home Beowulf, Higlac’s Follower and the strongest of the Geats…Heard how Grendel filled nights with horror And quickly commanded a boat fitted out, …Would sail across the sea to Hrothgar, Now when help was needed.” This quote best illustrates which EPIC hero trait?

Identifies a need to go on a quest


“Grendel was the name of this woe-walker, Unlucky, [flagged] by Fate….His creation was cursed under the line of Cain, the kin-killer….Though none of that was Grendel’s doing…”The tone toward Grendel can best be described as…

Positive/ Sympathetic and understanding


How does the way Grendel die progress the storyline?

It leaves his death to linger so that he suffers and dies with his mother.


“He leaped into the lake…For hours he sank through the waves; At last he saw the mud of the bottom.” This quote best illustrates which EPIC hero trait?

Possesses supernatural traits


Which is a universal theme in the epic Beowulf?

Evil will try to destroy values of the time.


Who is Wiglaf? AND What does he do when he sees Beowulf is starting to lose to the dragon?

A close kinsman of Beowulf.

Runs to rally and scold Beowulf’s kinsmen.


The way Beowulf prepares to fight and engages in combat with Grendel’s mother shows…

He respected her as an opponent, possibly even more so than her son


How does Beowulf eventually kill Grendel's mother?

He cuts off her head with her giant sword


Which two literary devices are used in these lines: “That famous prince fought with fate against him”

Alliteration and foreshadowing


How does Hrothgar describe the lake where Grendel and his mother live? AND how does the author create the mood for the lake? (what figurative language?)

Ominous and dark

Through imagery and word choice


In his self-introduction to Hrothgar, Beowulf reveals that one of the reasons he is so confident in killing Grendel is because…

AND why does Beowulf infer he won't use weapons against Grendel?

He has plenty of experience killing monsters. 

Beowulf wants it to be a fair, equal fight.


“He was spawned in that slime, Conceived by a pair of those monsters born Of Cain, murderous creatures banished By God, punished forever…” What is the significance of including Grendel’s family tree AND what is the tone when describing Grendel?

The Anglo-Saxons valued kinship and the transcriber wanted to set up a biblical good versus evil theme

Negative/ Cautionary and disgusted


How does Beowulf’s dragon compare to Hrothgar and Grendel?

Beowulf is now King of the Geats and the dragon is threatening their peace