Best Buddies

The Stranger Things Actress with Hearing Loss

What is Millie Bobby Brown?


This Movie is about an Unlikely Friendship and stars Zack Gottsagen, an actor with Down Syndrome. Gottsagen then went on to be the first person with Down Syndrome to present at the Academy Awards!

a) The Theory of Everything

b) The Red Shoes

c) Do the Right Thing

d) The Peanut Butter Falcon

What is The Peanut Butter Falcon?


The Number of Americans with a Disability.

a. 42.5 million

b. 36 million

c. 15.2 million

d. 72.31 million

What is 42.5 million?


The Following that is NOT a pillar of Best Buddies.

a) Communication Skills

b) Inclusive Living

c) Leadership Development

d) One-To-One Friendships

e) Integrated Employment

What is Communication Skills?


The Biggest Best Buddies Event of The Year at our School.



The Famous Actor from Harry Potter to be diagnosed with Dyspraxia (neurological condition that impairs organization and movement).

a. Daniel Radcliffe

b. Rupert Grint

c. Tom Felton

d. Robbie Coltrane

What is Daniel Radcliffe?


The Horror Movie where ASL plays a central part of the plot, and starred Millicent Simmonds (a Deaf child actress).

What is A Quiet Place?


The Age Group of Americans Most Likely to have a Disability.

a) 5-17

b) 35-64

c) 65-74

d) 75+

What is 75+?


The general mission of Best Buddies.

What is 

"Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)."

(something roughly similar to this)


The meaning of the acronym ASD.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?


This Athlete Became the First One-Handed Football Player in the NFL in the US in 2018

a) Joe Montana

b) Jimmy Graham

c) Shaquem Griffin

d) Randy Moss

What is Shaquem Griffin?


This Coming of Age Movie Features the Story of a Girl Growing Up as the Only Hearing Member of Her Family. Actor Troy Kotsur was the first Deaf actor to win an Academy Award for his role in this movie!

HINT: The title of the movie is the term used for someone who grows up with Deaf parent(s).

What is CODA?

(CODA stands for Child Of Deaf Adult).

The number of students who received Special Education or Related Services in 2021-2022.

a) 1.2 million

b) 7.3 million

c) 14.2 million

d) 22.9 million

What is 7.3 million?


1 of the 6 goals that the Best Buddies Organization aims to form in their participants.

What is...

Helping them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communication skills, and feel valued by society?


The Next Best Buddies Event for us.



The Iconic Knighted Musician Who Suffers with Epilepsy (disorder that causes seizures)

What is Sir Elton John?


This show featured an actress who was born with kidney dysplasia, and received two kidney transplants.

a) The Good Place

b) Full House

c) Modern Family

d) Glee

What is Modern Family?


What Type of Disability is the Most Common?

a) Mobility

b) Hearing

c) Vision

d) Cognition

What is Cognition?


One of the Two Biggest Government Donaters to Best Buddies.

a) Hawaii Department of Education

b) Connecticut Department of Developmental Services

c) Arizona Department of Education

d) Illinois Department of Human Services

What is Illinois Department of Human Services?


The cause of Down Syndrome 95% of the time.

What is 3 copies of Chromosome 21?

The Disability that Robin Williams was Diagnosed With (multiple accepted responses)

What is Parkinson's, ADHD, or Bipolar Disorder?


This show was on the air from 2010-2015. It was based off of a movie with the same name, and featured a boy with autism named Max. 

What is Parenthood?


This number of adults with disabilities had unmet healthcare needs because of cost within the last year.

a) 1 in 4

b) 1 in 12

c) 1 in 20

d) 1 in 78

What is 1 in 4?


The Person Who Created the Best Buddies Logo.

What is Keith Haring?


The Month of Disability Pride Month and Why it is Celebrated.

What is July to celebrate the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act?
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