Cerebral Cortex (lobes)
Areas of the Brain
Endocrine/Nervous System

What is usually the first scan a patient gets when they have a brain trauma?

A) CT Scan

B) PET Scan



A) CT Scan

  • Series of X-ray photographs taken from different angles

  • Combined by computer into a composite representation

  • Bleedings, brain injury, skill fractures, blood clots, brain tumors


The parietal lobe is responsible for:

a) smell

b) decision making and judgment

c) vision

d) sensory and touch

d) sensory and touch

- Receives sensory input for touch, pressure, temperature, and body position

- On top of head, toward the rear 


What sense skips the thalamus?

a) taste

b) touch

c) smell

d) hearing

c) smell

Smell goes straight the hippocampus

Thalamus is a the brain's sensory control center. All senses except smell pass through the thalamus. 


What are the two major divisions of the nervous system (2 answers)?

a) sympathetic nervous system

b) central nervous system 

c) somatic nervous system 

d) peripheral nervous system 

b and d) central nervous system  and peripheral nervous system 

Central- brain and spinal cord

Peripheral- sensory and motor neurons that connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body.


What do MRI's specialize in viewing?

a) soft tissue

b) electrical activity

c) blood flow

d) glucose activity

a) soft tissue

- An MRI is magnetic resonance imaging

-Uses magnetic fields and radio waves to formulate computer images of soft tissue to show brain anatomy.


Damage to the temporal lobe would most likely affect a person's ability to __________

a) hear

b) feel

c) see

d) smell

a) hear

The temporal lobe is responsible for hearing.

Receives information primarily from the opposite ear.

Above the ears.


As you guys are getting food, what part of the brain is being triggered?

a) hippocampus

b) cerebellum

c) thalamus

d) hypothalamus

d) hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is linked to emotion and reward. Part of the limbic system along with the hippocampus and amygdala.


What is the function of the parasympathetic nervous system?

Calms you down.


What scan records electrical activity of the brain?

an EEG

- Recording of the waves of electrical activity that sweep across the brain’s surface

- Machine looks like a shower cap


Someone slipped and fell on their back because of a banana peel and they are seeing spots. What lobe did they most likely hit?

a) occipital lobe

b) parietal lobe

c) temporal lobe

d) frontal lobe

a) occipital lobe

The occipital lobe receives information from visual fields (vision)

In the back of the head


What is the function of the reticular formation?

a) sensory control center

b) learning and memory

c) controls arousal and consciousness

d) reflexes

c) controls arousal and consciousness

The reticular formation is a nerve network that travels through the brainstem and thalamus. 


What causes a "trip"?


- Causes changes in thoughts, emotions, and consciousness

- Change sensory perception

- DO NOT replicate a neurotransmitter

- LSD and acid


A PET Scan detects the presence of               in the brain


A PET scan is a visual display of brain activity and it detects where the radioactive form of glucose goes while the brain is performing a given task.


Which of the following is an incorrect connection between brain lobe and function?

a) Frontal Lobe - controls voluntary movements

b) Temporal Lobes - processes sound

c) Parietal Lobes - processes tactile sensations

d) Occipital Lobe - controls emotions

d) Occipital Lobe - controls emotions

Occipital Lobe controls vision


Which action would be most typically impaired when the cerebellum is depressed?

a) The ability to walk in a straight line

b) The ability to feel emotion

c) The ability to process visual information

d) The ability to incorporate new memories into a web of old knowledge

e) The ability to think abstractly

a) The ability to walk in a straight line

The cerebellum helps control balance, process sensory input, and coordinate involuntary muscles.

In rear part of the brainstem. 


What drug simulates the release of endorphins?

a) cocaine

b) alcohol

c) heroin

d) ecstasy

c) heroin

Endorphins are linked to pain control and pleasure

cocaine --> dopamine

alcohol --> serotonin

ecstasy --> oxytocin


If a patient has a stroke on the left side of the brain, what would they most likely experience?

a) visual impairment

b) decline in creativity

c) speech impairment

d) loss in the ability to make inferences

c) speech impairment

Left side of the brain controls language.


What two parts of Phineas Gage's brain were severed? What was the result of this trauma?

The connection between his limbic system and frontal lobe were severed.

Limbic system- emotion and moral compass

Frontal lobe- judgment and decision making

He lost his moral compass and his personality was ruined.


What does the brainstem consist of (3 answers)?

Pons, medulla, and midbrain.

The brainstem is responsible for keeping you alive (breathing, heart rate, nervous system, sneezing, throwing up)

Medulla- controls heartbeat and breathing, reflexes, and involuntary functions (sneezing and vomiting)

Pons- unconscious processing, coordinates movements

Midbrain- vision and hearing, motor movement, eye movement, auditory and visual processing


What gland controls the other glands in the body?

The pituitary gland.

Under the influence of the hypothalamus and regulates growth and controls other endocrine glands.