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What year was Paul Silver born


This Dad coined the phrase: Daddy's house is full of love!?

Who is Michael Bowen

Award winning blogger,NPR commentator & world travelled data architect. 


This Dad is a professor was recruited to be a model during grad school?

Who is Tryon P. Woods

Congrats to Professor Woods on his new book entitled: Blackhood against the police power.


What was Starbucks first Frappuccino?

1. Mocha Frappuccino

2. Pumpkin Frappuccino

3. Frappuccino Roast

Frappuccino Roast


This graduate was the Statewide champ for the Butterfly stroke and is a neat freak who makes their bed every morning!

Who is Assana Bowen-Woods?

Congrats to graduating from the Gordon School last week and being the champion of butterfly stroke in her age group in 2016!


Hi Ho Silver

What was one of grandpa's nicknames?


What is the name of the organization founded by Bob Bowen in the 60's?

What is the Institute for Black Studies?


This Dad played baseball, ran cross country and played the Saxophone?

Who is David Bowen?

Dave is a veteran LAPD officer injured in the line of duty saving the life of a suicidal woman who almost jumped from the 7th Street bridge!

Congrats to the newly retired protector of the peace who is enjoying his homes in South Dakota & Big Bear CA!


Where in the body are the adenoids?

What is the nasal cavity/nose


Who recently defended their doctoral dissertation?

Who is Dr. Marsha Nickerson?

Congrats Dr. Nickerson on your recent doctorate in nursing from Pepperdine University!



What is Grandpa's most hated car?


This Dad nicknamed "The Commish" was the Commissioner of the Pasadena Arts & Culture commission.

Who is Bryan Bowen?

A lover of simplicity,music & God's Truth, now playing pickup games with Kobe Bryant!


This Dad was a Tae Kwon Do student is also an author of paper entitled - Presidential survival in Tough Times!

Who is Dr. Raymond Bowen

Kudos Unky Ray - educator & president of La Guardia Community College and Shelby State University.


What colors are in the YouTube logo?

What is Red, White and Black


Although not a recent graduate..this student was recently given an award to students who show respect for new languages and cultures and is also tolerant & open minded to always learning more!

Who is Layla Bowen awarded the Beginning Mandarin Prize!

Congrats Layla!


June 25th 2003

When is the date Grandpa became a grandpa?


What famous hospital was Bob involved with its startup?

What is M.L. King hospital in Los Angeles?


This Dad is super competitive, loved making slingshots as a kid and has a Top Secret clearance

Who is Raymond Bowen III?

Raymie was president & CEO of gov't contractor:Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc.


Which of the 7 dwarfs wears glasses?

Who is Doc?


This recent college graduate of Sonography just moved to Ohio last week in the pursuit of her new career!

Who is Stephanie Dexter?

Congrats Steph!


The Bear

What is Grandpa's unforgivable parenting mistake?


This dad created a tub for his ailing son

Who is Candido Jacuzzi.

In 1966 Candido Jacuzzi invented the Jacuzzi whirlpool bath for his 15-month-old son, Kenny Jacuzzi, who was born with rheumatoid arthritis.


This Dad was nicknamed "The Dark Shark"

Who is Rod Bowen?

He was a champion swimmer & water polo player who was offered a college scholarship!

Now he is Senior Executive Director, Office of Teacher Development at New York City Department of Education


Bob was born on Sunday, June 14th

What does the old nursery rhyme say about Sunday's child?

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day-Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay!

Happy Birthday Bob/Bobby/Mr. B/Grandfather!


This Grad &  Dad recently delivered the 1st national commencement speech

Who is President Barack Obama?

On Saturday evening, May 16 2020, Barack Obama delivered a commencement address to the high school Class of 2020, whose graduations were cancelled due to Covid-19

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