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Black History Month
Black Inventors
Black Sports

In this black coming of age romance, the male lead asked, “Who you going to the dance with anyway: Spalding?

What is Love and Basketball?


The pie we eating on thanksgiving?

What is Sweet Potato Pie?


As a 6-year-old, I entered an all-white school? 

Who is Ruby Bridges?


Why is Black History Month celebrated in February?

1. To honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

2. To recognie the influence that Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass had on black Americans.

3. To celebrate th history of black achievement.

2. To recognize the influence that Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass had on black Americans.


Garrett Morgan created what in 1923?

What is the three-light traffic signal?


Who is the most decorated gymnast of all time?

a.Simone Biles

b.Gabby Douglas

c.Dominique Dawes

Who is Simone Biles?


In this popular 1995 American stoner buddy film Red says “My Grandmamma gave me this chain!”

What is Friday?


18 in. 20in. 22in.

What is Bundles?


He was the first black President.

Who is Barack Obama?


Name the three countries that celebrate Black History Month Every Year.

1.United States, Australia, Nigeria

2.Canada, Haiti, United States

3.United Kingdom, United States, Canada

3. United Kingdom, United States, Canada


George Washington Carver gave us what condiment?

What is peanut butter?


Who was the first black boxer?

a.Muhamed Ali

b.Jack Johnson

c.Mike Tyson

Who is Jack Johnson?


This notorious film, starring Ophrah Winfrey, coined the phrase “you sho’ is ugly!”

What is The Color Purple?


This person who says “I’m not one of your little friends”?

Who is my mama?


Who helped 300 slaves escape to freedom?

Who is Harriet Tubman?


These are the colors that represent Black History Month.

What is red, green, black and yellow?


George Crum created what in 1853?

What is the potato chip?


Who was the first black NBA Player?

a.Michael Jordan

b.Ray Allen

c.C. Earl Lloyd

Who is Earl Lloyd?


This 2005 comedy based in Atlanta was famous for their quirky dientele. Quote: “You want a cappuccino? “No, baby. I don’t eat or drink nothing I can’t spell.”

What is Beauty Shop?


Respond to this statement: “Mama can we go to McDonalds”?

What is do you got McDonalds money?


Who is the first president of South Africa to be elected in a fully representative democratic election, as well as the country’s first black head of state?

Who is Nelson Mandela?


Who started Black History Month in 1976?

Who is Carter G. Woodson? 


Lonnie Johnson created what popular toy in 1990?

What is the super soaker?


Who was the first black baseball player in Major League baseball?

a.Willie Mays

b.Jackie Robinson

c.Hank Thompson

Who is Jackie Robinson?


This 1996 comedy/parody is known for its quote: Dashiko: “Now kids, what do we say to a man that mommy just met?” Kids: “Are you my daddy?”

What is Don‘t Be A Menace to South central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood?


The condiment is found in every black household and is put on everything.

What is hot sauce?


Who is, she was only 12 when she became the first female African American author published?

Who is Phillis Wheatley?


What year was the Emancipation Proclamation signed?

When was 1863?


Madam C.J. Walker created what?

What is the hot comb?


At what sporting event did players raise a black-gloved fist during the playing of the US national anthem?

a.1968 summer Olympics

b.2016 super bowl

c.1974 World Cup

What is the 1968 Summer Olympic?

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