Middle Passage
Auction/Sold/Plantation Life
Jim Crow South
Civil Rights

The capture and transport of slaves from different countries was referred to as what?

What is: The Middle Passage


What parts of the body did auctioneers examine on the Africans they had captured?

What is teeth, and Backs?


What was Harriet Tubman's original name?

What is Araminta Ross?


Who was Emmett Till Visiting?

Who is his Grandfather?


What was the name of the church where the four girls were killed?

What is the 16th St. Baptist Church?


What ocean were most of the slaves transported over?

What is the Atlantic?


What were the men and women called?

What is bucks, and winches?


When Harriet Tubman escaped, what city and state did she arrive in, and live in for a year or more?

What is Philadelphia, Pa?


What was Emmett Till accused of doing that got him killed?

What is Whistling at a white woman?


Who was responsible for the bombing of the church that killed the four girls in Birmingham, AL?

What is the KKK?


What is the first site where the first twenty slaves were taken?

What is Jamestown, VA?


What were the primary two types of slave?

What is a field hand, and a house slave?


What is the Underground Railroad?

What is: A term used for the route slaves used to escape, and hide.


What did Emmett Till's mom ask the funeral home for so she could open the box?

What a hammer?

What were the four girls First and Last  names that was involved in the bombing ?

Who is: Carol McNair, Addie Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson.


What nationalities were most involved in transporting slaves through the Middle Passage?

What is the Portuguese and Dutch?


Who does this definition describe?

On large plantations, the person who directed the daily work of the slaves, usually a white man but occasionally an enslaved black man—a "driver"—promoted to the position by his master.

What is an overseer?


Who is this definition describing?

a person who favors the not using the  practice or institution, especially capital punishment or (formerly) slavery.

What is an abolitionist?


What was the name of the town where the store was located that Emmett went to?

What is money.


Who organized the Freedom Riders, and what does the initials stand for?

What is:CORE

What is: Congress of Racial Equality?


In August 1839, a U.S. brig came across the schooner off the coast of Long Island, New York. Aboard the Spanish ship were a group of Africans who had been captured and sold illegally as enslaved workers in Cuba. What is the name of the ship they were being carried on?

What is the Amistad?


What was the primary source of punishing slaves?

What is whipping?


Some of the patterns on this material were named; Bear Claw, Bow Tie, Wagon Wheel.  They were used for giving locations of meeting places.  What is this?

What is a slave quilt?


How did they know Emmett when they pulled him out of the water?

What is his father's ring with his initials?


What month, day, and year, city and state was Martin Luther King assassinated in?

What is April 4, 1968?

What is Memphis, TN?

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