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Who created the elevator?

A. Ellis Vator

B. Lewis Howard Latimer

C. Alexander Miles

Who is Alexander Miles


She was the first African American to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster's Ball.

Who is Halle Berry?


This basketball player played for the Chicago Bulls and won finals MVP 6 times.

Who is Michael Jordan?


The month Black History Month is celebrated. 

What is February? 


This man is known as the "King of Pop."

Who is Michael Jackson?


Who invented peanut butter?

A. George Washington Carver

B. Henry Blaire

C. Kanye West

Who is George Washington Carver


The first African American to reach #1 on the Billboard charts and the first to host his own television show.

Nat King Cole


The first African American to play a major sport. When this player joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, baseball was segregated.

Who is Jackie Robinson?


True or False: Each year there is a different theme for Black History Month.

True. This year the theme is Black Resistance.


This female singer was the first to win 5 Grammy awards in one year.

Who is Lauryn Hill?


He is known as the inventor of the Super Soaker.

Lonnie Johnson


The most Grammy-nominated artist in the history of awards show with 79 nominations and 27 wins.

Who is Quincy Jones


This female tennis player is known as the GOAT.

Who is Serena Williams?


Why is Black History Month celebrated?

What is the time to honor the struggles and the contributions of African Americans in U.S. history and society?


This Marvel movie made 800 million making it the sixth-highest grossing movie of 2022.

What is Wakanda Forever? 


You can thank the man who invented the traffic signal, so we can avoid accidents and an increase in your insurance.

Who is Garret Morgan


The first African American to win an Oscar, was not allowed to attend the premiere of "Gone With The Wind", because she was black.

Who is Hattie McDaniel?


This famous boxer was formerly known as Cassius Clay.

Who is Muhammad Ali?


These are the colors that represent Black History Month.

What is red, green, black and yellow?


This artists sold 1.5 million copies of her album Lemonade in 2016. 

Who is Beyonce? 


This woman created the ironing board because she know Sailors would not be able to, or forget to take their dress uniforms to the dry cleaners.

Who is Sarah Boone.


First woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Aretha Franklin


This basketball star was the first Black NBA coach to also play on the team. He also marched with MLK and stood up for Muhammad Ali as well as winning the 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Who is Bill Russell?


The father of Black History Month. 

Who is Carter G. Woodson?


These cultural traditions and art forms with strong roots in African culture were first introduced to Greek life in the early 1900s by Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Divine 9.

What is stepping?