Inferences & Main Idea
Author's Purpose

What does impoverished mean as it is used in the following sentence?

The impoverished girl knew she did not have enough money to buy dinner. 



Why was this Sunday where an enormous dust storm swept across the Great Plains called "Black Sunday"? 

The dust storm clouded the land, causing it to seem like night. 

What is the main idea of paragraph 3? 

What the dust storm was like


Why does the author include paragraph 6? 

To explain how the storm affected animals


What does demoralized mean as it is used in the following sentence?

The team was demoralized because they lost all their games. 

Not feeling confident, feeling bad about who they are

According to the passage, what were "Okies"? 

People from Oklahoma.


What is paragraph 5 mainly about? 

What the storm was like from somebody who experienced it. 


Why does the author include quotes from people who experienced the storms? 

So the reader can understand what it was like from people who lived through it


What does ravaged mean as it is used in the following sentence? 

The forest was ravaged by fire. 

Overtaken or attacked with violence


What is a cause of the dust storms? 

The following were the biggest causes: Drought and poor farming techniques


How did the term "dust bowl" start?

A news reporter called it the dust bowl, and others picked up on it. 


Why did the author include the lyrics from a folk song? 

To show the impact of Black Sunday on people. 


What does the word widespread mean as it is used in the following sentence?

Covid-19 has been a widespread illness. 

Spread out or widely extended


According to the article, what were some of the effects of the dust storms? 

People moved or got sick, fields were leveled, cars crashed, or animals were hurt.  


What can you infer about the people who left the great plains for California? 

Various responses will work: 

They were looking for a better life. 

They had a tough life. 


Why did the author include the details in paragraph 3? 

To describe the dust storm


What does plight mean as it is used in the following sentence? 

I'm sorry for your father's plight of being sick for so long. 

An unfortunate or difficult situation


What was America already dealing with when Black Sunday happened? 

The Great Depression and drought


What can you infer from the first paragraph. 

The people did not know a dust storm would happen. They thought it was an ordinary day. 


Why did the author use the words "demoralized" and "impoverished" to describe the Okies? 

To show that they had been negatively affected by the dust storms

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