Types of Boundaries
Social Media
Crossing Boundaries
Creating Boundaries
Importance of Boundaries

What is the definition of emotional boundaries? What happens if you cannot create those emotional boundaries?

Separating your feelings from other people's feelings, know where their feelings end and where yours start.

If you cannot create emotional boundaries, the person may become codependent on you.


Should you post your location on social media? Why or why not?



What's an example of how to avoid crossing boundaries?

•Respect each other

•Watch for social ques 

•Stand Up for Yourself

•Be assertive - settle disagreement peacefully 


What is an example of an "I statement"?

I feel ____ when _____ because ____________.

 What I need is ____________.


Why are boundaries created?

Boundaries are created to set limits on what you will and won't accept.  


What are a few examples of material boundaries?

  • What you feel comfortable letting someone borrow
  • You can tell someone you don’t want them to damage your belongings.
  • Limits on time (your time is valuable)
  • Limits on favors/services/labor

Should you post personal information on social media? Why or Why not?



What are ways to cross boundaries?

•Verbal Abuse (insulting, name calling, etc.)

•Physical Abuse (Pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking, etc.)

•Controlling Behavior (Keeping someone isolated, wanting to know where they are at all times)

•Threats (causing fear to make someone comply)

•Blame or Shame (Making excuses for their behavior or blaming yourself)


What word is a complete sentence when setting boundaries?


Learn to say "NO"


Why is it good to know someone's boundaries?

Boundaries are good to be aware of because if you respect the boundaries, you could gain trust, freedom, and responsibility. 


What are some examples of personal boundaries?

  • Personal space
  • Touching
    • WHO can touch you
    • HOW they touch you
    • WHERE they touch you
    • WHEN they touch you
  • Sexual boundaries

Should you post any personal information about others on social media? Why or Why not?



What would be a proper response if someone crosses one of your boundaries?

I statement 

Assertive communication 


What is one way to honour/recognise someone else's boundaries?

Watch for cues



Why are boundaries important?

- To protect you

- To practice your self-care and self-respect

- To develop identity

- Avoidance of burnout


What are mental/intellectual boundaries?

Limitations/boundaries on:

  • Thoughts
  • Values
  • Opinions
  • Beliefs

Should you use inappropriate language on social media? Why or Why not?



What are the two types of consequences if you cross someone's boundaries?

Natural Consequences and Legal Consequences.


What can help you identify your limits when it comes to boundaries?

Tune into your feelings

Tune into your body


Why are boundaries set into place?

Boundaries are set to show people what you will or will not deal with.


What is a time boundaries?

How a person uses their time. To have healthy time boundaries, a person must set aside enough time for each facet of their life such as work, relationships, and hobbies.

Time boundaries are violated when another person demands too much of another’s time.


Should you let people you don't know follow you on social media? Why? Why not?



What are the legal consequences for crossing boundaries?

Might get arrested

Could possibly have some sanctions

Could get sent to jail and if more serious Prison time


_________  also means recognising the importance of your feelings and honouring them. These feelings serve as “important cues about our wellbeing and about what makes us happy and unhappy.”

Self care


What is a boundary that everyone knows not to cross?


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