Getting Started and Resources
Before You Expedite
Expedited Chapter 1
Assessment & Software

These are the three lesson types within Reading Horizons.

What are Decoding Skills Lessons, Most Common Words Lessons, and Reference Lessons?


You provide expedited Chapter 1 instruction for these students.

(Hint: see page 2, Purpose in the Chapter 1 Expedited Lesson Plans)

Who are students with letter-sound knowledge that can read CVC words?


What are the 4 main concepts taught in Chapter 1? (Hint: page ___ in your Expedited Chapter 1 Lesson Plans)

What is: the Slide, marking words, nonsense words, C/K Spelling Skill



Reading Horizons uses this type of instructional framework that explicitly teaches word identification/decoding strategies based on the science of reading.

What is Structured Literacy?


This assessment provides a prescriptive software path for students.

What is the Diagnostic Assessment?


The two different Chapter 1 pathways.

What are expedited and full instruction?


Expedited lesson plans are divided in how many sessions of instruction.

What is 5?


After Review of each Letter Group, Expedited Lesson Plans also provide explicit instruction on _________ cues to teach students the vowel sounds. 

(Hint: see pg. 7 of the Chapter 1 Expedited Lesson Plans) 

What are kinesthetic cues?


These are the parts of the Daily Core 4. 

What are: Review, Instruction, Dictation, and Transfer?


We recommend teacher's monitor this software component daily.

What is the Message Center?


These are the cards that can be used whole class as the Initial Transfer. 

What are Whole Class Transfer Cards? 


What is the name of the script you use with Elevate students prior to beginning Expedited Chapter 1 instruction?

What is the Introduction to Reading Horizons Elevate script?


During the process of Dictation, the teacher should Dictate the word twice, students should repeat the word twice, students write the word once, and teacher should ask students for what? 

(Hint: see pg. 16 of the Expedited Chapter 1 Lesson Plans)

What is context sentence or an example

(Note: context sentences are provided for teachers if one cannot be provided by the students)



You use these materials in the first step of the three-step transfer process.

What are Transfer Cards and Decodable Passages?


This assessment informs the passages available in the Reading Library based on the students Lexile level.

What is the Reading Library Assessment?


You can use this resource to locate activities and games to strengthen phonemic awareness. 

What is the Reading Horizons Supplementary Materials Manual pgs. 105-124?


Always ________ , Never _________ .

What is Assess and Assume?


What game comes directly after Dictation in the Chapter 1 Expedited Lesson Plans? 

(Hint: see the bottom of page 16 in the Chapter 1 Expedited Lesson Plans) 

What is the Eraser Game? 

(Note: Remember the process of the Eraser Game Point, Read, Erase) 


What is recommended for teachers to view Prior to Instruction? 

What is Reading Horizons Online Professional Learning Course?

(Note: these can be found at


Teachers's click this button in the "Lesson Overrides" section to allow students to expedite Chapter 1, in the software.

What is "Expedited"?


You can use these to track data for student proficiency during Review, Dictation, and Transfer. 

What are Data Tracking Sheets?


On, teachers can download what resource which can be used in conjunction with the Expedited Lesson Plans?

What are Expedited Chapter 1, Google Slides?


What is one way teachers can determine students' proficiency after session 2 of the Chapter 1 Expedited Lesson Plans? 

(Hint: See page 17, bullet one of the Chapter 1 Expedited Lesson Plans) 

What is Administer Chapter 1, Quiz 1 (form A) to determine learning gaps. Skip Part A for most students unless informal assessment reveals a need.


What is recommended for teachers to do with their students prior to beginning instruction or administering assessments? 

What are conversations? 

BONUS: Why are these conversations so important for older learners? 


The software requires students to have 20 points in the Reading Library to move to the next chapter. How many points are each of the passages worth? 

(Hint: gold, silver, and bronze) 

What is: gold 3 points, silver 2 points, and bronze 1 point?

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