Camping Foods
Things you Bring
What you Do?
Survival Questions

You can roast me over the campfire to make a tasty treat.

What is Marshmallow


This item helps you find your way in the dark

What is a flashlight or lantern


This what you do when you want to explore the area.

What is a hike or walk


What's something you can use when you're lost?

What is compass or map


I am a small animal with a bushy tail

What is a Squirrel


I am made from Potatos, come in a bag, and am a crunchy snack food. You can eat me with dip or plain and I come in many flavors.

What is Potato Chips


You use this item to carry supplies in while hiking.

What is a Back Pack


This is something you do when you want to get cooled off

What is Swim


What are some ways to build a fire?

What is use a match or rub sticks together


I bite you up and make you itch. I leave little red bumps on every inch (of your skin)

What is a mosquito 


I'm ooey and gooey and chocolatey too. I'm made with three ingredients and make your fingers sticky, too!

What is a S'Mores


You use these items to eat your food with

What is Spoons, forks, knives and plates


At night time you make one of these for light, to keep warm and to keep the bugs away

What is build a campfire


Which color of clothing is used for camouflage?

What is green/brown


This animal is black and white and likes to get in to your garbage. They also have a stinky smell

What is a Skunk


You can cook me over the campfire or on the bbq. I'm long and taste delicious with a bun and some ketchup.

What is Hot Dog


At night when it's time for bed you climb in this item, zip it up, lay your head down and fall right to sleep

What is a sleeping bag


Sitting around the campfire at night, make sure you give each other a fright! 

What is tell spooky stories


What are the two most important things to have to  survive? 

What are food and water


This animal comes out at night, is small, black and can fly.

What is a Bat


I am made with bread and pie filling, and you put me in a closed metal square to cook me over the fire.  

Hint: We climb the highst _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
        My mom bakes apple, cherry, or peach _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ 

What are Mountain Pies


You need to put this together before you can use it. This item is also used to sleep in.

What is a Tent


This activity involves a pole, a net and bait. 

What is fishing


What do you do if a bear approaches you?

What is...DON'T RUN- walk

Back away slowly, keep your eye on the bear so you can see how it will react

Abandon all your food


This animal is quite large, will come to your campsite looking for food, eats mostly fish and berries.

What is a Bear

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