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How much would standard internet with a router cost?

What is $54.99


What are the four steps of our sales process?

What is: Engage





What kind of discovery questions should you ask?

What is Open ended 


Scenario: Customer lives in SIA flagged location. They ordered standard internet with TV Gold for the sports. Cancelled because of price. Customer lives alone, only watches local stations. What should you offer?

SIA paired with Choice 15


Where would you look to see if an address is serviceable before calling serviceability?

What is : Nice toolbar


How much would TV select with one box and standard internet with Router cost?

What is $121.96


When you make a sale you need to verify what pieces of information?

What is: Name, Address, auth to make decisions, Email, Phone number, Birthday, Social, Pricing. 


From previous huddles, What are the 6 main focuses of discovery questions?

What is: Who







Scenario: Customer talked to a D2D salesman and asked that more information be sent to him. Customer was signed up for all 3 services instead. Customer now has a trust issue with Spectrum. Customer was only interested in internet for his kids who stream and video game. What would you offer and how would you reestablish trust?

Standard internet + Mobile + Essentials 

ARM the customer...


What are the meanings of GIS Red, Yellow, & Green?

What is Non-serviceable -RED

Possibly serviceable call serviceability - Yellow

Serviceable address already in biller - Green


How much would TV select with 2 boxes and 2 Apple TV's cost?

What is $89.96


What is the opening verbatim?

Hello, this is _____ calling from Spectrum, on a recorded line. How are you today? 


You need to know what Internet speed to offer the customer , what would you ask?

A. do you use the internet?

B. What kind of things do you do online

C. do you watch tv?

D. how many devices will be connected

What is : B & D


Scenario: Customers ordered Internet for his brand new house and was told his address is serviceable but would need a Tech install. The Tech told the customer the house was not serviceable, so he cancelled. What would you do or offer?

Check notes.. Contact serviceability if not serviceable apologize and move on. 

If serviceable - discovery, pitch, close.  


What information is needed before calling serviceability? 

What is: Customers name

contact information
(phone number &/ email)


nearest cross street name

description of location


How much would TV Gold, ultra internet + wifi, and home phone cost?

What is $204.95


How would you assume the sale for a cancel campaign if customer's pricing ends up being more expensive then when they initially ordered?

What is: "I can assure you that this is the absolute best package for you. I have all of this information verified & the package should be there within 2-3 business days. Can you verify your email for me?"


If a customer is SIA flagged on the Cancel camp... would you offer EBB?

What is YES


Scenario- Customer says that they no longer are interested because the previous representative told them that the offer they were getting signed up for would be less than $100. You see that they were signed up for Select & Internet at 121.96. So, they canceled. You are aware there are no offers for Traditional cable & internet. Customer told you they want Halmark, TLC & ABC. & need internet for streaming & schooling. What would you offer?

Choice 15 + standard internet


What steps do you take to look up an address in the nice toolbar?

What is:  Actions-> GIS Lite serviceability check -> input address -> Check serviceability 


How much would TV silver + digi tier 2+ sports pack+ 1 box+ 2 Apple Tv's, standard internet +wifi, and 2 lines of voice cost? 

What is $210.94


What is the proper closing for a phone call?

What is: 

If Sale: Thank you so much for your order today. I know you're gonna love your new service. If you have any questions give us a call at 888-892-2253.

No Sale: Thank you for your time today. If you change your mind about our offer today, give us a call at 888-892-2253.


Customer was on the cancel camp but had services of internet restarted on a new account.... What do you do?

Discovery for other services. Mobile, TV, Streaming, Voice


Scenario: Customer is adamant that they want HBO, Starz, & Showtime. They need Ultra internet, 2 parents work from home and 3 kids online school. Offered gold with 4 boxes with Ultra and customer refused because of price... What is your back up offer?

Internet ultra + wifi, Choice 15 with 2 apple tv's + premium pack


What other resource can you use to check serviceability?

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