Video Games
Crushes(I was forced)

What is the Battle Royale that you can build in?  

Catch: When did it come out?(month, year)

What is Fortnite?

Catch: What is July 2017?


When did the Lakers last win a championship?

Catch: Who is the finals Mvp?

What is 2020?

Who is Lebron?


Minecraft was made popular again by which youtuber.

Catch: How many subs does he or she have? 

What is Pewdiepie?

Whats is 100 million? (rounded)


Name 3 duelists.

Catch: They have to be female

What is Jett, Reyna, and Raze?


Who is Madison's crush in 2021?

Catch: What grade did he or she join?

Who is Arvin C.?

What is Kindergarten?


Name 3 FPS games that are available on Steam. 

Catch: All of the games have to have a 3+ star rating.

(if its not on the board we'll check again)

(Optional Answer)


Who is the tallest player that played in the NBA?

Catch: How tall is he?

Who is Manute Bol?

What is 7'7?

This Youtuber quit YouTube for 1 year until the pandemic ended.

Catch: How many views does he or she have today?


Who is David Dobrik?

What is 6 billion views?


What team won the Iceland Championship?

Catch: Name 3 members of the team.

Who is Sententials? 

Who are Shazam, Sick, Zombs, Tenz, dapr?


Arvyn S. likes this Person in 2021. Who is it?

Catch: What Grade did he start like him or her?

By: Arvyn S.

Who is Camille?

What is 1st Grade?

Who is your favorite Italian Plumber boy?

Catch: When did he first appear?

Who is Mario?

What is Donkey Kong:1981?


How many times did MJ retire?

Catch: What years did he retire?

What is three?

What is 1993, 1998, 2003?


Who has the most Tiktok followers?

Catch: What nationality is she or him?

Who Charli D'amelio?

What is American?


This gun is named after a dog.

Catch: After aiming down sights, another gun also turns into burst just like this one.

What is the Bulldog?

What is the stinger?


Who does Nathan M. have a crush on?

Catch: There's more than one.

Who are Abigail and Gilliane?



Name 3 Ps5 Exclusives

(Optional Answer)


Who has the most Championship Rings?(individual)

Catch: What team did he play?

Who is Bill Russell?

What is the Boston Celtics?


How long was Ludwig subathon stream?

Catch: How many estimated subs did he gain?

What is 30 days?

What is 273,000 subs?


Name all Primaries

Catch: With $4,200, what primary gun and  secondary gun you can buy, with full sheilds. But still have $100 left. 

What are Stinger, Spectre, Bucky, Judge, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, Vandal, Marshal, Operator, Ares, and Odin?

What is Vandal/Phantom, Full Shields, and a shorty.


Sarah had a crush on 3 people.

Catch: They have a nickname for the 3 of them.

Who are Ryan, Matthew, Koa?

What is the 3 Musketeers?


What Shooter Game Franchise has the more than 5+ titles out right now?

Catch: Name 3 Games that came in the last 3 years.

What is Call of Duty?

What is Warzone, Cold War, and Modern Warfare?


Who is the GOAT? (2 answers only)

Catch: He's a boi.

Who is Kobe and MJ?


                        DAILY DOUBLE!!!

What is the most viewed youtube video right now?

Catch: How many estimated views does it have?

  What is Baby Shark?

What is 9 billion views?


What are the first agents that you unlock in Valorant?

Catch: What are all the nationalities of each agent?

What is Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova?

What is United States, South Korea, United Kingdom, China,and Russia?


Who almost started dating in 4th grade?

Catch: Who caught them?

Who are Gilliane and Charles?

Who is Sister Ines?

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