Great Awakening
Albany Plan/Join or Die
French and Indian War
Acts and Taxes
Massacre and Tea Party

When did the Great Awakening happen?

In the 1730s


When was the Albany Congress called?



Which geographical landmarks did the French and British fight over?

The Ohio and Mississippi Rivers


What did the Navigation Acts do?

The restricted/banned the colonists from trading with anyone other than Britain


Who spread news of British actions and colonial protests throughout the colonies?

Committees of Correspondence


Who was a trained actor that also toured the colonies as a minister?

George Whitefield

What is the name of the group that the British attempted to ally with?

Iroquois League


What do Europeans call the French and Indian War?

The Seven Years War


What phrase became popular for the colonists as they grew more upset with Britain about the taxes and acts being placed on them?

"No taxation without representation!"


Why finally caused tensions to boil over for the colonists in Boston?

A boy was killed when a gun was fired into a crowd


Who was famous for his "Fire and Brimstone" sermons?

Jonathan Edwards


What is the name of the person who helped lead the unification plan and what is the name of the cartoon he used?

Benjamin Franklin and "Join or Die"

Who led the British to victory in the war? What problem did he create while doing so?

William Pitt; He put Britain in debt


Name every tax/act placed on the colonists during this time period (other than the Navigation Acts)

Townshend Act; Stamp Act; Declaratory Act; Quartering Act; Intolerable (Coercive) Acts


Who is widely considered to be the first death of the American Revolution?

Crispus Attucks


Which group of people did the sermons during this time most appeal to and why?

Lower class colonists because they preached a message of equality


Why is the Albany Plan still important to history despite the fact that it did not pass?

It was the first attempt at unifying the colonies


Why was Fort Loudoun built? What happened there?

- It was built to help protect the Cherokee Native Americans and the colonists

- The Cherokee massacred the settlers there after being betrayed by the British


What year was the Stamp Act passed? When was it repealed?

1765 and 1766


In what other city did colonists burn a ship and the tea it carried?


What were the names for the two groups of people that either went with the Great Awakening or stuck to their old ways?

The New Light and Old Light


Three Parts:

- What was the symbol on the "Join or Die" cartoon?

- How many pieces of this thing were there?

- Which colonies were not included on the cartoon?

- Snake

- 8

- Georgia and Delaware


- What officially ended the war?

- What did the British do to stop settlers from settling past the Appalachians?

- Provide at least two reasons for why the British did this.

- Treaty of Paris

- Proclamation of 1763

- French settlers still retained land in the region; The Native Americans in the region aligned with the French and were hostile to British settlers; They could not properly govern the region


Why were the Intolerable Acts passed? What did the Quebec Act do?

- They were passed a result of the British being frustrated with the colonists after the Boston Tea Party

- The Quebec Act recognized the Roman Catholic Church as the official church in Quebec


Three parts:

- What group of people led the Boston Tea Party

- How did the disguise themselves?

- How much tea was estimated to have been wasted? (Cost)

- Sons of Liberty

- They dressed up as Native Americans

- Around $1 Million

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